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The Significance of Self Control

When it comes to virtues, self-control is one of them. It used in describing an attribute in a person. There are several secrets in how to exercise self-control and also pass this attribute to children. It is not always an easy task but it can be achieved.


Self-control entails the fight between doing what is wrong and right. It consists of controlling your emotions, behaviors or impulses so that you can achieve better goals. This is an attribute that is hard to exercise but it is beneficial. Self-control is a virtue one needs in order to put into practice any resolution that has been set.

Importance of Self-control

Self-control is very important. It has a very significant impact on future results. For that reason, it has to be taken seriously. Lack of self-control will prevent you from achieving the desired results. Furthermore, its absence just presents some dire consequences which would have been avoided if only you gave your actions second thoughts.

The lack of self-control makes you engage in impulsive emotions and behaviors. You will make poor choices and decisions that will harm you. You also get to react poorly whenever you miss out on what you had desired. You tend to react impulsively like a toddler who has been denied something he/she wanted.

Adults need to try as much as possible to exercise self-control in whatever they do. It helps you react in a better way even after you miss out on something. You will be able to manage anger and avoid any physical violence. The lack of self-control will see you react with rage and anger. In short, you get unhealthy coping ways.

People who lack self-control end up making unethical decisions. They will always react with anger is things do not go as they wish. These people also lack the drive to get committed to fulfilling their goals. This is what separates successful people from failures. Successful people exercise self-control which is not the case with those who fail.

Self-control vs Empathy

Empathy and self-control are controlled by a similar part of your brain. This part of your brain is known as rTPJ( Right Temporoparietal junction). An experiment was conducted by Alexander Soutscheck on the part that controls empathy. This section was altered by Alexander and the end result is the inhibition of one’s self-control. This research was supported by Rebecca Saxe.

How to develop self-control

In case you want to have self-control in your life, there are a number of practices you can adopt. They include the following:

• Get Sufficient Sleep

Insufficient sleep is one of the causes of self-control problems. Sleep deprivation leads to unethical behaviors which include lack of self-control and poor decisions. Ensure you put in place a proper sleeping schedule to develop your self-control.

Get a ritual

You can come up with a ritual that will help you develop your self-control. This ritual should be able to affect your self-control in a positive way.

• Pray, be mindful and meditate

Praying and meditating are responsible for resetting your thinking process. You will be able to refocus your mind and enhance your self-control.

How to enforce self-control in your children

It is a good idea to enforce self-control in your children at a younger age. This will help them to grow up with a better personality and character. How do you instill this virtue in them anyway? You have to continue teaching your children self-control even in difficult situations. Your children will master the art of overcoming difficult times pretty well. This is an attribute that will really boost their self-control. You can also gift your children every time they react in a positive way despite being in a difficult situation. This will help instill in them self-control.

The Self-control Journey

This is not a character trait that you will get overnight. It is a process that requires commitment and dedication. You have to keep trying even if you fail to exercise self-control when it matters. Every time you are able to exercise self-control effectively, acknowledge yourself. Through that, you will be able to develop your self-control.


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