Business Politics Practices – Manipulating the Intent

StrategyDriven Business Politics Practices Article | Business Politics Practices – Manipulating the IntentIntent, like beauty, is held in the eye of the beholder. Organizations employ policies practices, and procedures as a way to promote consistency in behaviors among executives, managers, and employees. However, no documented directive can cover all circumstances and some accepted practices simply reside in the minds of the workforce. Consequently, leeway is typically given for the application of judgment to tailor directions to the particulars of a situation so long as the intent of the documented directive or accepted practice is met. It is within this gray area of intent that one possessing legitimate positional authority can exert power for the furtherance of his or her objectives.

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Additional Information

Familiarity with logic errors and fallacies will help you select the right one to employ for manipulating the chosen policy or practice intent. Additionally, this knowledge will help you recognize when such a tactic is being used against you as well as providing you with the insight necessary to protect yourself from such attacks; typically by exposing them.

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