6 Tips For Improving Workplace Safety

StrategyDriven Human Performance Management Article |Workplace Safety|6 Tips For Improving Workplace SafetyYour employees help you reach your goals and grow your business. Without them, you may struggle to get ahead and deliver on your promise to your customers.

One of your jobs and responsibilities as a business owner is to keep your employees and the environment safe for working in. Your employees will be happier, healthier, and there will be fewer incidents and accidents to deal with when you make an effort in this area. Learn what you can do to improve workplace safety and create a better and more rewarding environment to be.

1. Install Cameras

Improve workplace safety by installing cameras throughout your building both inside and out. Constant Video Surveillance will help you monitor who’s coming in and going out of your office space around the clock. You’ll not only be keeping your belongings and equipment safe but also the people who work for you. If there is ever an incident or a crime committed then you’ll have the footage to see the details and evidence you need to prove who did it or was involved. It can save you a lot of headaches and even money down the road so it’s a wise step in the right direction.

2. Have Policies & Protocols

Improve workplace safety by creating a culture that focuses on it. Have policies and procedures in place to reduce confusion and ensure everyone knows how important it is to your company. Having protocols in place will make sure everyone’s on the same page and understands the workplace and environment expectations. Your employees can review the material and ask you any questions to clear up possible misunderstandings right from the start. It’s wise to make sure your employees know about these from the first day they start working at your business.

3. Train Your Employees

One way to prevent accidents and mishaps is to train your employees. Improve workplace safety by making sure everyone knows how to perform their job duties and use any necessary equipment. Train your staff and also have manuals they can use to review steps and what to do in the case of an emergency. You want them to feel confident and comfortable working their jobs and that they know their way around the building and equipment. The better trained your employees are, the greater the chance that you’ll be able to maintain a safe and healthy workplace.

4. Keep it Clean & Clutter-Free

It’s also about keeping your workplace clean and removing any clutter. You can avoid slips and falls this way and create more room for maneuvering and getting around. It may help to hire a cleaning crew so that you are consistent and keep it tidy throughout the year. You’ll be removing germs this way and ensuring all your belongings are put away and stored in a proper place. It’s wise to conduct regular inspections of the workplace so you can check for any potential hazards or dangers that need to be addressed. The less clutter and mess the better not only for improving safety but also for reducing stress.

5. Encourage Breaks

You want to avoid your employees being tired and worn out in the workplace. There’s more likely a chance they may make mistakes or have accidents if they’re overworked and exhausted. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to encourage your employees to take breaks frequently and throughout the day. You may even want to set up a break room and game room where they can go to relax and decompress from work. Removing themselves from their desks and computers for some time will not only keep them safer but more productive too. They’ll be safer and healthier and in a better position to perform their duties when they’re energized and at ease.

6. Communicate about the Topic Regularly

Another tip for improving workplace safety is to keep an open dialogue with your workers. Communicate about the topic regularly by asking questions and for feedback. Have regular meetings on workplace safety and use it as a time to respond to inquiries and make sure everyone knows your expectations and how to stay safe. It’s an excellent way to keep safety top of mind and let your staff know what you’re doing to ensure a positive experience at your workplace. Make it easy and painless for employees to come to you with workplace safety and health concerns or ideas for improvement. It may help to appoint someone as head of the workplace safety committee so there’s a leader and point person if there are issues or questions.

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