6 Main Stakeholders That Guarantee Business Success

StrategyDriven Entrepreneurship Article |Stakeholders|6 Main Stakeholders That Guarantee Business SuccessThe success of every business lies in the hands of its stakeholders. Therefore, you have to be careful with the way you treat each of them if you want to take your brand to the next level. For instance, have a CRM software will make sure that your business is focusing more on social connections and collaboration and not individual performance. All players must embrace one another to make sure that the business succeeds. Here are the key stakeholders that will make sure that your business succeeds.


The sign-off from the higher-ups will make sure that the company has the right technology in place. The business leaders will also change the brand’s approach to customer relationship management, productivity definitions, employee goals, and corporate culture among others. These changes should also encompass instilling the ‘open door’ policy so that employees at all levels can engage with the executive managers. The executives should be leaders on social by using technology to embrace new ideas and share information. You cannot transform your business unless the executives have the right attitude.

The Tech Team

The IT team play a critical role in the process of deployment. These experts integrate the social media tools and the other business technologies that your organization has. The IT team will also help you to evaluate costs, management, and training needs for any new services and software.

The Legal Department

A business is a legal entity and hence may require legal representation from time to time. You need well trained and highly experienced lawyers to help in crafting contracts for employees. Some disputes end up in court, and you will require lawyers to give you legal representation. Most businesses leaders will tell you that it is tricky to hire a full legal department because of the associated costs. You can outsource some of these services to professionals whenever a need arises. You need to choose a lawyer depending on the type of lawsuit that you are pursuing. Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates can help you, especially when dealing with criminal offenders in the workplace.

Human Resources

HR comes in handy when you want to change the way you compensate and motivate your employees. The team also helps you to set appropriate policies like the way you use social media in the workplace. You also need to involve HR in training of new technology like the cultural and social mores.


Your workers are the ones that will be using the social media tools that you deploy in your organization. These workforces will also be dealing with your customers directly to help you achieve the overall goals of your organization. Therefore, you have to empower your employees in the best way possible so that they can offer exemplary services to your customers. Give them the tools of trade that they need to carry out their daily tasks with the highest level of precision. You also need to pay your employees well so that they will not be seeking for greener pastures.

The other business stakeholders include suppliers, investors, business partners among others. Make sure that you are handling everyone well for great business success.

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