4 Reasons Entrepreneurs Resist Migrating To The Cloud

StrategyDriven Managing Your Business Article |Cloud Technology|4 Reasons Entrepreneurs Resist Migrating To The CloudWe have talked before about the benefits cloud technology can offer to a business. For most business owners, learning of these benefits essentially makes the decision for them: they want to switch to the cloud as soon as possible.

For others, however, the response can be less absolute. It’s entirely possible to understand that something is an inherently good idea – and capable of providing multiple advantages to a business – but still hesitating, wondering if it’s really necessary to make the transition. Often, this hesitancy is powered at least in part by lingering doubts or fears about the technology – a problem that is particularly common when entrepreneurs contemplate migrating to the cloud.

In this piece, we’ll look at the four most common concerns entrepreneurs have about cloud technologies – even when they are aware of the overarching benefits.

1. Loss of control

With on-premise storage, a business has physical access to their servers. This means that they’re in direct control of an essential asset that the business relies on in order to function. With cloud technologies, however, this direct control over servers is lost, which many business owners find rather difficult to deal with. The good news is that this issue tends to fade over time, as business owners realize the benefits of cloud computing and experience the reassurance that their servers are well-maintained by their chosen, expert, trustworthy cloud provider.

2. Disruptions during migration

Migrating to the cloud can sound like a long, laborious task that – entrepreneurs often assume – can be highly disruptive to the function of their business. Given that disruption can be costly to businesses, it’s no surprise that entrepreneurs find themselves a little reticient about the undertaking. However, while there is no denying migration is a significant task, the likes of Kosh Solutions can help to ensure that every aspect of the transition is simple and hassle-free from start to finish.

3. Lack of familiarity

If a business has been operating in a certain way for a set period of time, then there is a certain sense of comfort that comes from that familiarity. Strangely enough, this fact remains true even if the operations are familiarly bad or troublesome; generally, people like to know what to expect – which can make cloud technologies seem unfamiliar, strange, alien, and discomforting to contemplate. Nevertheless, the change is usually simply made, with companies quickly transitioning to their new method of operating and, in no time at all, wondered how they ever managed without their cloud-based systems.

4. Security worries

Last but not least, many entrepreneurs have concerns about how secure cloud technology can really be – and they’re far from alone. In truth, security has been a major issue for cloud computing largely since its inception. However, cloud security is in fact very robust, and is actually safer than on-premise solutions according to security professionals – so entrepreneurs can embrace the technology without undue worry.

In conclusion

With any new development, it’s natural for people to experience concerns and doubts over making the switch in their own business. However, as the above information hopefully demonstrates, concerns over cloud technologies are often unfounded, and it is therefore advisable that any business owner who has not made the switch should consider doing so at their next convenience.

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