Spicing it Up: 4 Creative Ideas to Make Meetings More Interesting

StrategyDriven Practices for Professionals Article |Productive Meetings|Spicing it Up: 4 Creative Ideas to Make Meetings More InterestingSitting through weekly meetings that are dull and uninteresting is not at the top of any employee’s list. Instead of making meetings an endurance test, find ways to make meetings more interesting and engaging. There are at least 4 creative ideas out there to make meetings more enjoyable and productive. Shaking up meetings with a new meeting location, catering, and other ideas may be just what is needed.

1. The Meeting Location

Consider moving the meeting to a better location. A meeting place should be comfortable and interesting. Think about room temperature. Too hot and people will be getting sleepy. Too cold and people will be uncomfortable and just want to leave. There should be ample table space and comfortable chairs. Creative Meeting Venues might be an answer. Look into meeting locations to rent a unique space that meets all the needs for a productive meeting. A good meeting location might also involve refreshments such as coffee, tea or water, and a light snack to keep people energized and comfortable.

2. Ban smartphones

Ban smartphones and electronic devices for the duration of the meeting. This strategy keeps everyone’s attention on the meeting rather than a small screen. People interact with each other and exchange useful ideas. More will be accomplished when everyone is in the present and paying attention to the speaker and the problem to be solved or the announcement being made.

3. Be Well Prepared

The boss holding the meeting should be on time and well-prepared. Have a written agenda for the meeting to hand out and stick to that agenda. If a meeting is being held, it should have a purpose and a plan. Practice your speaking and organizational skills beforehand so it is comfortable leading the meeting. Don’t have a meeting with no good purpose or advance planning.

Make important company announcements and then invite member comments and questions. Are problems needing solutions? If so ask the members at the meeting to participate with suggestions for solutions and ways to implement them. Keep everyone engaged and feeling appreciated.

4. Get People Moving

With long meetings where everyone is forced to sit around a table without a break, attention wanders. Get people a chance to move and stretch. At the beginning of a meeting have people stand and do some stretches, then repeat it at a later time when people are starting to lose focus or zone out. Keep the stretches simple and appropriate for the people and clothing at the meeting.

The main thing is to move the arms and legs a bit and to stand up. Maybe have everyone get up and walk around the table once before sitting back down.

Give Everyone a Chance To Share Ideas

When a meeting is successful, everyone has had input that is respected. There are ideas that have been discussed and a plan of future actions decided on so each person leaves the meeting with a sense of accomplishment and purpose. And, make sure the meeting plans are followed up on so the meeting was productive for the future. Everyone should leave the meeting with an individual action plan.
Another meeting problem that should be solved is to give everyone equal time to give input without letting one person dominate the meeting to the detriment of the others. A good meeting leader knows how to limit each person’s time speaking so others can all give their input and no one feels left out or frustrated.

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