Tips in Choosing a Transcription Service for Universities

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Transcription is necessary for the field of Academics. Whether you are a student, professor, or researcher, you will find yourself with the impossible task of transcribing a significant amount of audio file into written text. Fortunately, hiring a transcription service is just as easy. But to make sure that you find not only the best but also the most reliable transcription service, it is essential to take note of the following tips.

Is the transcription service an expert in the field of academics?

Transcribing files for different fields require varying levels of expertise. When it comes to university transcription, you are looking for a company that has extensive experience working with similar clientele. There are some vendors today that prefer to focus on one particular industry. For example, there are transcription services that specialize in the medical and legal fields.

It is possible to find a vendor that can claim versatility. But before you confidently trust their services, take time to check their history with academic transcription. If possible, look for feedback from past clients and focus on the essential aspects of the service they provide. Finding a transcription service with an extensive background in your field means you will not have a hard time explaining technical jargon.

Ask about their data privacy policy

Transacting with a third-party will always expose you to some level of risk. This is especially true with online transcription services. It would help if you were particularly vigilant about the vendor’s security and privacy policy. If the document contains proprietary information such as research papers, unpublished work, and dissertations, ask the vendor how they handle keeping your information secure.

Do they provide a secure network for sharing files? What is the level of encryption? Does the vendor use a transcription software or rely on human transcription? Asking these questions will help you determine whether or not there is a guarantee that they can keep your data secure.

What is their turnaround time?

Scheduling is essential, especially if you are concerned about meeting deadlines. Does the transcription company follow a specific turnaround time, or are they amenable to requests? Will they accept rush projects? How long will it take them to complete a particular volume or load? Anytime you are outsourcing transcription; you need to verify whether they can meet deadlines. Otherwise, your work will also suffer if it takes them a long time to get the job done.

Ask for samples

If the firm allows it, ask for examples of their archived academic transcription projects. You will gain better insight into the quality, accuracy, and level of professionalism by viewing their past work. If there are references available, you may also try to contact previous clients and ask about their experience with the firm.

What type of transcription software do they use?

Most transcription companies today make use of some computer software to enhance efficiency. You must know this aspect of their service so that you have some understanding of what goes on behind the scenes. How do they handle quality assurance? Do they have human transcriptionists available to edit or double-check automated transcription results?

With the help of these tips and other best practices, you can find an excellent university transcription service that best fits your needs.

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