The Coronavirus Impact: How to sell your company to potential employees

StrategyDriven Managing Your People Article |Coronavirus|The Coronavirus Impact: How to sell your company to potential employeesUnless you are a business like a supermarket who is benefiting from the recent coronavirus outbreak, it would be fair to say that there are a lot of concerns in the world of business.

With more of the world coming under lockdown, it means that most income is radically reduced. Governments might be suggesting that tax relief and other financial benefits will be on their way to companies, but there’s no doubt that the situation is fragile to say the least.

From an employee’s perspective, there are all sorts of unanswered questions. The thought of moving job during this period is almost out of the question, for the simple reason that it’s such a risky plunge to enter a probation period which may end abruptly.

It means that any business (and there won’t be that many of them) who are looking to expand has a limited number of options. Today’s article will therefore look at some of the ways you can sell your opportunity to a potential employee, and boost your workforce amid this crisis.

Emphasize your long-term plans

As we have already alluded to, this is a period where employees are going to be very wary indeed. They know that this is a fast-paced market, and one that is going to be changing by the day.

It means that you can’t be talking about your plans over the next month or two, you need to be thinking longer-term. Admittedly, outlining your plans during the crisis is fine, but this is the time to sell-in your growth plans. While some businesses are stagnating, this might be the time where your company is putting in the legwork to come out the other side all the more stronger. Make sure anyone who is poised to join your company knows this.

Show off all of your benefits

Of course, the financial package is going to be the main thing on most people’s minds during this period. At the same time, there is more you can use to tempt individuals to join your firm.

One of these might be benefits. Granted, free gym and cinema membership might be dangerous territory in the current climate, but some companies will have alternative benefits like discounts at popular stores as an example. Make sure you use software to manage employee benefits so that this is outlined loud and clear to your workforce.

Be flexible with your contracts

Finally, make sure you’re not going to scare anybody away by being too stringent with your contracts. Generous probation periods need to be outlined, while you also need to be careful about how you are managing unpaid leave. We’ve seen some companies really upset their workforce by insisting that their employees take such leave and while such an approach might be necessary, it’s not a way to win future workers if that is your current aim. People will be looking out for these clauses more than ever before so where possible, we would urge you to be more relaxed than usual with your contracts.

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