How to Improve Your Website’s SE Ranking

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article |SE Ranking|How to Improve Your Website’s SE RankingOnline shopping and businesses are thriving. Everyone is at home and needs items and services that they can buy online. Unfortunately, so too are your competitors. Trying to capture your customer base’s attention is fiercer than ever, with companies trying to offset their in-store income entirely online. To beat them, you need to diversify and focus on efforts that will help your business get to the top – the top of Google, the top of social feeds, and the top of their interest.

Hire an SEO Agency

First things first, if you want to improve where your website is located on a Google search, you will need to hire an SEO agency. There is a lot that needs to be done before you can start building your backlink profile, and all of it will help improve your SE ranking.

Audit Your Website

One of the first things that will need to be done is to improve your on-site SEO, which typically starts with an audit that looks for:

  • Lost or Broken Pages
  • Missing Pages
  • Content
  • Site Speed
  • Site Security
  • User Friendliness
  • Website visitor analytics (for this task, you can use website visitor tracking software)

Keyword Research

Keyword research is then conducted on your behalf to make sure that you know what your customers are searching for and what words they are using. You can then update your content and invest in better PPC campaigns.

Update Content

SEO optimized content is well-written, intended to entice your customers with punchy language and a compelling message. It is also designed to appeal to search algorithms that search through your site. On top of content updates, a new schema will be created to make it easier for these algorithms to understand your site and parse through it faster.

Offsite Link Building

Once on-site is optimized, it will be time to move offsite. White hat link building today looks like guest posts, where quality content in your niche will be added to other blogs and websites in your industry. It helps improve your organic reach and your SE ranking.

What You Can Do to Further Your SEO Campaign

SEO agencies can help improve the searchability and user appeal of your website, social media, and backlink profile. While they are working hard there, you will want to invest in:

PPC Marketing

PPC marketing will help you see results immediately, and you already have everything ready to go with your SEO efforts:

  1. A great site
  2. Keyword research

It is essential to know which keywords to invest in, however. Keywords can usually be organized based on buyer steps. At the very beginning of the buying process, customers are still researching what they want and are looking for. These keywords are often valued, and typically more expensive. If your goal is to gain a level of authority, then they are worthwhile to pay for, but if you want to boost sales, then paying for niche keywords or specific keywords should be your focus. As a bonus, these keywords are often cheaper.

Social Media Marketing

Finally, there is social media. You can pay for social media ads, but if you want to grow your business and customer loyalty, you will want to focus on good old engagement with the hope that users organically share and talk about your business on their own channels. This takes time, so start now and don’t cut corners – you need to be a real person when interacting with your customers.

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