The Benefits Of Video Marketing Every Entrepreneurs Needs To Know

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article |Video Marketing|The Benefits Of Video Marketing Every Entrepreneurs Needs To KnowWe live in a world where audiences increasingly prefer to consume video over and above all other forms of media online. Businesses and entrepreneurs, therefore, need to adapt their marketing techniques. With more than 82 percent of IP traffic now in video form, a radical shift is required.

You need video to succeed online.

Users have made their preferences clear, and now it is time for marketers to listen. However, you may worry that creating video content is expensive compared to, say, blogs, or press releases. That’s true – it does usually cost extra and take more time, but the impact is often far greater. What’s more, video comes with a host of benefits you just don’t get with other options.

Benefit #1: Google Loves Videos

Google knows what its users want better than anyone. For that reason, the company is keen to promote any material that it believes may add positively to their experience of the web. And because it knows that users love video content, it tends to elevate it above regular website content.

If you’ve used Google search recently, you’ll know what this looks like. You type in your search term, and then the SERP will spit back a bunch of related video results before linking to regular web pages. Firms that do this get the jump of the competition, beating them at the SEO game in one fell swoop. Just make sure that the video is relevant to customer needs.

Benefit #2: Videos Build Trust

Banner ads are the preferred PPC method, but they don’t provide users with much context. At best, they communicate a few words and raise awareness of the brand.

Videos, on the other hand, offer far greater scope for building trust. You’re able to introduce yourself, your values, and ideas far more comprehensively than you can in a regular ad.

Benefit #3: Videos Allow You To Keep With The Times

Customers like modern businesses that stay up to date with the times and provide them with desirable services that they want. It makes them appear less stodgy and more in-keeping with the needs of their audience.

Video, therefore, is the ideal marketing form because it is bang on-trend right now. Everyone wants to consume it on mobile devices whenever they can. The medium is perfect for live broadcasts, Facebook stories, Instagram video filters, and other app-based techniques.

Ideally, your videos needn’t be conventional. Instead, you have scope to do something radically different, not possible through regular cable advertising.

Benefit #4: People Who Watch Videos Are More Likely To Convert

In the world of marketing, converting customers is vital if you’re going to build a successful business. PPC, links and banner ads have notoriously poor conversion capability, but the same is not true of video. People want to watch videos on YouTube, telling them about all the details of the product before buying it. They don’t want to go into a purchase blind.

According to data, around half of all internet consumers use product-related videos before they buy anything. Videos, therefore, are a vital tool for explaining the benefits of whatever you sell. It is a great way to get ahead of the competition – most of whom still aren’t using video in their marketing strategies.

Benefit #5: Live Video Is Trending

Live video was a bit of a novelty when it first emerged a few years ago. Today, though, it’s positively mainstream and increasingly popular.

Creating live videos for marketing is actually much more straightforward than you might imagine. You don’t have to do a product showcase every time. Instead, you can use it to explain what your company is trying to achieve or educate your audience. In doing so, people will convert as a byproduct, either because you overcame their pain points or they see you as an authority.

Benefit #6: You Have Plenty Of Video Options

Video isn’t standing still. Instead, the technology is evolving all the time, giving companies more options than they’ve ever had before.

Take 360-degree video, for instance. Here you set up a camera that captures images in all directions and stitches them together using smart software. You can then use this video feed to create believable virtual reality environments. It lets you create an immersive and somewhat unique experience for your audience.

Another option is one-on-one video. Companies are now creating personalized videos for high-value customers. They just need a little extra encouragement to part with their cash. These snippets can prove to be extremely valuable.

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