4 Employee Experience Trends That Defined 2020 and Are Expected to Play a Huge Role in 2021

StrategyDriven Managing Your People Article |Employee Experience|4 Employee Experience Trends That Defined 2020 and Are Expected to Play a Huge Role in 2021A whole lot changed in 2020 for everyone. The emergence of a global pandemic has transformed the way we live, interact and work. It has forced many employers to reconceptualize workflows and the minimum number of staff needed to operate. Brand new employee experience trends have emerged, and some of them are showing no signs of losing their grip. Here are some trends that ServiceNow HR expects to have a huge impact in 2021.

1. Working Hours Flexibility

In the past, location has been more of a focal point for employers. But as we move forward in 2021, time is going to be the focus or flexibility. As more and more employees begin to return to in office working, employers will need to offer greater flexibility regarding when employees are expected to work. A 40 hour work week or a 9 to 5 schedule may not be necessary for high performance, productivity and efficiency.

2. Mental Health Support

With all of the separation, and isolation in some cases, that people are experiencing during the COVID-19 pandemic, addressing the mental health of employees cannot be overlooked. The longer this pandemic wears on the more mental health will impact the efficiency and productivity of the workforce. Employers who choose not to address this very serious issue are likely to suffer. Things like extended parental leave and emotional well-being programs will be well received by current employees and even be a priority for potential employees.

3. Workplace Technology

Due to the number of remote workers, employers have had to put some checks and balances in place to monitor the productivity and workflow of employees. Many employees are distrustful of the technology being used to monitor their work. Since remote working and hybrid working are becoming more of the norm, there will need to be some regulations for just how much information is being gathered, how and where it is being stored and who has access to it. We can look forward to state regulations at a minimum about what employee information can and cannot be recorded and how it can be used.

4. Social Stance

Not only do people want to purchase from businesses that espouse their personal beliefs and values, but they also want to work for an employer that is aligned with their values. Most employees are looking for employers to take a position on issues and politics. There is little room for neutrality in this climate, and attempting to remain in the middle may do more harm than good. Whether it’s giving to charities or causes, sponsoring an event or investing in an organization, there are plenty of ways to morally align your business. Undoubtedly, potential employees and even current employees will be watching.

Although 2020 was a history making year of epic proportions, what was put in motion is far from settled and will continue to impact the way we do business for quite some time to come. It’s a good idea to do what you can as an employer to keep up with what’s going on and create an improved employee experience.

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