How Music Artists Use Strategy-Driven Tactics to Rise to Fame (And What Businesses Can Learn from It)

StrategyDriven Entrepreneurship Article |Strategy-Driven Tactics|How Music Artists Use Strategy-Driven Tactics to Rise to Fame (And What Businesses Can Learn from It)Artists are in the business of themselves and it is exceptionally difficult work. Showcasing and creating art and then making a thriving business model out of it is not something anyone can do, especially if they don’t have a big-name label leading you through the process.

Artists are the ideal business to look to when searching for new, innovative ways to expand your business and grow an audience.

Narada Rose, stage name Dertee, is a UK dancehall artist who has continuously pushed for his music to reach greater audiences, and his strategy-driven methods towards fame are something every business can and should take note of when designing their own expansion and marketing efforts.

Reinvention and Creation

One of the biggest lessons that businesses can learn from artists like Dertee is that to truly innovate and grow one must pursue their art again and again. Resting on your laurels is a sure-fire way to become innocuous in the future and to fade from the public eye as a result.

Only by trying new things again and again, and by creating work after your big hit even if it doesn’t succeed in the same way, can you push your business towards greatness.

Dertee did this after his successful EP, “Defeating Gravity”. Though his follow-up and first album, “Breaking Barriers”, did not see the same recognition, it did not stop him. Only a year later he collaborated with Bramma and they produced a song that received over 1 million views on YouTube (on a personal account, no less).

Once again, even with this success, he has continued to push and create and has only just recently released yet another single, even during lockdown. Businesses need to take this sort of perseverance to heart and lead forward with the goal of building a better tomorrow.

Building Recognition

Artists build recognition in a multitude of ways and that sort of diversification is exactly what businesses need to build the necessary trust signals.

For Dertee, it was winning the Best Male Artist Awards from the REYAC panel in Birmingham, as well as establishing his own account and publishing his own music. On top of digital success, he has also played at a variety of events throughout the UK.

This sort of encompassing approach is essential for businesses of all types. By aiming for rewards, certifications, and by partaking in events that increase your national and international infamy, you set the right groundwork for expansion and success.

Connecting Through Art

People respond to artists differently than most businesses because art, especially mediums like music, is evocative. Its entire purpose is to take the listener from one state of mind into another — to connect with them through the power of sound even if it only lasts a moment.

Businesses need to use art and this connection when trying to appeal to their customers. It is only by becoming living and organic can businesses effectively market to their audience.

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