Corporate Coup: Protecting Your Business From The People Within

StrategyDriven Risk Management Article |Protecting Your Business|Corporate Coup: Protecting Your Business From The People WithinIt’s hard to imagine your employees doing something that could hurt your business. These people benefit from your relationship with them, and they will usually work as hard as they can to make sure that the company is moving forwards. Of course, though, it isn’t always easy to guarantee that your team has the right things at heart, and malice doesn’t have to be at the root of the damage they can cause. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring the damage your employees could do to your company, along with some of the tools that you can use to make sure that you can avoid it all.

Damaged Reputation

When a customer interacts with the people working for your business, they will often see it as though they are talking to the company directly. Anything they hear will be taken as fact, and it can be all too easy for your employees to make mistakes that reflect badly on your company. Of course, in most cases, you can view this sort of issue as your fault, as you should be giving your team members the right kind of training to deal with the customers they speak to. There are loads of companies out there that offer customer service training, making it nice and easy to handle this without spending loads of time on it.

Being Taken To Court

Being taken to court by an employee can happen for a number of reasons. They may have been treated unfairly, they could have been injured at work, or you could have broken their contract, and each of these issues can end up costing a small fortune. You need to base the action you take at this stage on the type of company you have. For example, if you have a property development firm, you should contact a construction accident attorney to figure out how to protect yourself from being taken to court if someone hurts themselves.


It’s quite common for businesses to break the law, and this sort of activity can easily go unnoticed. Of course, though, whistleblowing has become more and more common in recent years, with a lot of people feeling that they have a responsibility to speak out if they see the law being broken. Your team can whistleblow to your local authorities, and this could leave you dealing with expensive lawsuits to deal with. The best way to avoid this is by simply obeying the law. Alongside this, you could also ask your employees to come to you if they ever notice that you’re doing something wrong, giving you the chance to solve the problem before any legal body has to get involved.

It’s strange to think that your employees could damage your business. Thankfully, most of these issues are quite rare, with many businesses going for decades without having to face them. Of course, though, it helps to be prepared, and you can only get yourself ready for the things you can predict.

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