4 Benefits an Organizational Psychologist Brings to the Workforce

StrategyDriven Managing Your People Article | 4 Benefits an Organizational Psychologist Brings to the WorkforcePsychology is traditionally associated with aiding those who suffer from mental illness to better their capability to function. In recent times an alternative approach called positive psychology has emerged. The aim of positive psychology is to thrive beyond just functioning. These principles can be applied to all aspects of life, especially in the workplace. Many employers are beginning to read more about employing organizational psychologists to assist in improving the emotional well being of their employees. Organizational psychologists study the company culture, managing techniques, the business mold and more to understand the effects on employees. The following are examples of how organizational psychologists can strengthen any business.

Hiring The Perfect Fit

Defining the company culture is one of the most important roles of an organizational psychologist. They will question, examine, and monitor key people to understand the culture and objectively pinpoint core values. This knowledge gives them a sense of what behavioral attributes are needed to flourish in any role within the company. Organizational psychologists help managers immediately identify worthy candidates by devising interview questions designed to reveal any behavioral mismatch.

Boosting Productivity

Organizational psychologists utilize psychological concepts and research methods to measure the overall happiness and welfare of employees. Based on their findings, suggestions will be given on how to aid employees in effectively working together and to become more engaged. The results of high employee engagement are lower turnovers, less absenteeism, increased sales, and ultimately improving the company’s bottom line. Employees are three times more creative and thirty percent more productive when emotionally thriving. Another aspect of employee well being is to maintain a better work-life balance. Employees begin to loathe work when they are burnt out. Organizational psychologists determine areas that may cause work-related stress, and develop strategies to help diminish them.


A mindful organization is key to a thriving workforce. A heightened awareness of natural behaviors and motivators can incite personal growth among both employers and employees. Organizational psychologists use their extensive background of human behavior to determine the individual’s strengths, as well as what hinders them from their full potential. A behavioral plan is then provided to help enlighten individuals with custom strategies to enhance their work performance and build meaningful relationships.

Resolving Conflicts

It is uncommon for a company to observe and manage interpersonal relationships. In the event, hostility rises between employees this can become a serious issue. Employee health can suffer greatly when constantly exposed to a stressful work environment. Organizational psychologists identify the issues within the social dynamic such as bullying and sexual harassment. They will advocate and mediate conflict resolutions. One strategy is to facilitate an open conversation to allow meaningful and constructive communication between leaders and their employees. Another strategy is to design, enforce, and enhance programs and policies that will benefit an organization on every level.

Focusing on individual needs and behaviors in the workplace can dramatically improve any business. With qualified help, the principles of positive psychology can transform an employee’s work performance and value to the company. A happier, self-assured, and fulfilled employee can unlock unlimited potential.

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