How the Right Office Design Strategy Can Improve Productivity

StrategyDriven Managing Your People Article |Productivity|How the Right Office Design Strategy Can Improve ProductivityBusinesses don’t need hard workers. Someone who pushes themselves behind their limit and struggles to make it through each day on time and pulls overtime to reach deadlines is not someone you want on your team. Not because their dedication isn’t proven every day, but because they are not caring for their health. A productive employee is one that works better, faster, and often finds it far easier to get through a workday than someone who grinds through.

Their outlook is vastly different. Someone who works hard but doesn’t seem to actually get any more work done is someone on the verge of a breakdown. You are not always responsible for this downward spiral, but you can do a lot to help your employees avoid it.

There is an old saying that you should work smarter, not harder. The right office design can help employees be smarter about how they work, just by being the supportive element they need throughout their workday.

Natural Light Boosts Energy Levels

Our bodies wake up with the day. This is because we have evolved to respond to blue-white light. Our circadian rhythms are set in response to daylight hours, and yes, the blue-white light from the phone and other electronic screens messes with this rhythm. There is a reason why there is now a night mode on devices that warms the color of the screen after sunset.

In-office environments, you can use our relationship with this blue-white light to our advantage. Big windows and mirrors can bounce more light throughout the space, yes, but the right lights can also play a significant role. There are therapy lights you can install on every desk that will help your employees be healthier and more productive during the dark winter months.

Ergonomic Furniture Supports Spinal Health

Spinal health plays a huge role in productivity. A misaligned spine or a spine that has pinched a nerve can cause headaches and even restrict blood flow to the brain, and that’s on top of back and neck pain that is common with spinal conditions. Sitting at a desk all day can ruin a person’s back.
You can help and, in turn, improve your employee’s productivity just by investing in the best office furniture Aurora, IL, has to offer. New or used, the office furniture should be designed for skeletal health and support.

Art and Design Are Great for Productivity

Art does not detract from a day’s work. In fact, it is proven to improve productivity. Studies have shown that offices with art enjoy a productivity boost of 17% and that employees often work 15% faster.

To put this into a monetary perspective, if your payroll each year was $100,000, then the small bump in productivity would increase their value by $15,000. Art makes a space more inviting, builds on company culture, and is proven to boost the speed and productivity of your employees naturally.

The Right Break Room Supports Health

Ideally, every one of your employees will bring a healthy lunch to work with them. It will save them money, improve their cognitive function, and help support a healthy lifestyle. You can encourage this by making it easy for them to store and prepare their food during lunchtime.

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