Advantages of VoIP for Small Businesses

StrategyDriven Managing Your Business Article | Advantages of VoIP for Small BusinessesYou want to do everything you can to realize and surpass your small business’s potential. Have you thought about implementing a Voice over Internet Protocol phone system? Don’t think this communication is only for larger businesses. Understand how VoIP technology is ideal for companies of every size in practically every industry.


You may not realize that you can do more with VoIP than make phone calls. For instance, you can use the technology for teleconferencing, instant messaging email faxing, and video conferencing. With current events impacting business operations in unprecedented ways, having a reliable way to communicate with employees and customers from a distance is more vital than ever. When email, instant, or text messaging just aren’t enough, it can be a comfort to know that you can video chat with your team through a reliable VoIP service. Another great feature of VoIP technology is that you can have faxes and emails sent directly to your email, which can save you a lot of time.

Superior Call Quality

An essential aspect of understanding how to use VoIP it’s worth noting how great the call quality is on VoIP systems. Even the call quality on some smartphones is questionable at times. With VoIP, the technology has advanced to such a degree that it’s surpassed traditional landline call quality.


Besides securing your business’s physical location, your business site, and your customer’s and employee’s sensitive data, have you taken steps to secure your phone calls? If not, you risk someone accessing your phone calls and other data. With VoIP, you can rest easy knowing that your phone calls and data are encrypted with standard protocols.


A VoIP system isn’t contained in a single device. Instead, VoIP systems depend on an internet connection. The way the technology works is you can use several devices to receive and make phone calls. This means you do not always have to be at the office to handle business. It also means you can easily transfer calls to your team without the caller needing to use a different number. Also, VoIP technology gives you the option of setting your status so people know when you’re available for phone calls, like your status on an instant messaging service.

Call Recording

Have you ever gotten off a phone call and realized that you forgot an essential piece of information or detail? Rather than calling the other person back to see if he or she recalls the detail, which is not always a guarantee, wouldn’t it be better if you could record future conversations so you do not have to worry about that happening again? VoIP’s call recording technology allows you to play back phone conversations, ensuring that you never have to guess a detail or piece of information. Additional advantages of this particular feature including accessing call log data, allowing you to predict when a person is likely to call in the future and how long she or he is likely to keep you on the phone. This lets you schedule your time more efficiently.

Improved Productivity

How many times have you missed a phone call and called the other person back only to have them not answer the phone for one reason or another? With VoIP, you can set it so that your call goes through different devices before going to voicemail. This feature saves everyone time and better ensures the other person answers your call the first time.

Do you feel your small business could benefit from a quality VoIP system? Try one out for yourself to see how you, your employees, and your customers like it.

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