3 Sustainable Switches Your Business Can Make Today

StrategyDriven Managing Your Business Article |Sustainable Business|3 Sustainable Switches Your Business Can Make Today We should all be doing our bit to head into a more sustainable future. There is some intense debate swirling about what is best for our futures with the threat of climate change. Many companies are trying to combat this with switches to more sustainable supplies or practices. Here are some of the best switches you can make today.

Plastic Pallets

We automatically think that plastic is not sustainable. However, in the right circumstances it is a brilliant option for all sorts of business. Plastic pallets are one of the best choices that you make. They are sturdy, meaning they can handle heavier loads without breaking.

Due to this, they should also last longer, so an initial investment will play out over a greater length of time compared to the repeated buying of an inferior product. If you want to make this switch, this is the largest plastic pallet inventory that you could choose to buy from, and their products are a brilliant step for any company who wants to make a sustainable switch.

Reusable Water Bottles

If your company provides bottled water for employees, you could be generating an awful lot of plastic or glass waste each year. Even if you choose to recycle this (as you should) you are still going to be producing a lot of waste.

Instead, it might be a better idea to include a reusable water bottle in employees’ welcome packs – in addition to rolling them out amongst existing members of staff. Employees can then fill them up as they choose either from the tap or from a drinking fountain you might provide. This easily solves the issue of providing water to employees in a sustainable manner.

Go Paperless

Paperless offices are the way forward. While the switch itself can be a real headache, it can also ensure that you are not producing massive amounts of waste in terms of old documents and scrap pieces of paper. To get the most out of a paperless office, you need to make sure that the transition to digital data is swift and efficient. You might keep some documents as physical copies instead of digital ones, and these need to be secured away somewhere they will be properly protected.

Another fantastic advantage of the paperless office is the neatness. If you feel like you have a perpetually messy office and you are concerned about the effect it could be having on employee productivity, this sort of switch might be just what everyone needs.

These are just three of the many sustainable switches that your business could make. We all need to make sure that we are playing our part, no matter what that might look like. Whether we are at home or in the office, choosing to make a small sustainable change will have a knock-on effect that can help a lot further down the line. Take stock of what is currently happening in your office. Making quick and easy sustainable changes might be far easier than you think!

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