4 Career Options in the Medical Field

StrategyDriven Professional Development Article | 4 Career Options in the Medical FieldThe medical field is one of the most stable industries. With a career in the fast-paced medical field, you can earn a great living and make a difference in the world. There are many jobs to choose from so you can find one that suits your preferences and allows you to turn your dreams into reality. Here are four possible jobs in the medical field.


As a nurse, you can choose several different career paths. You can work in a hospital setting as a surgical nurse or a caregiver. Some nurses choose to work in doctors’ offices, either with pediatricians, primary care physicians or specialists. Others opt to find jobs in nursing homes or hospice facilities. You can even pursue a career as a chief nursing officer. One benefit of pursuing a nursing degree is there are different programs available. Depending upon your individual needs, you can choose online or traditional degree options.


An anesthetist is responsible for sedating patients when they undergo surgery. Although it requires a few years of study to earn this degree, you can make a good living as an anesthetist. You may have to work on a rotating schedule if you choose to work in an emergency surgery position, but if a stable work schedule is important to you, you can elect to work in an outpatient facility. This job comes with a great deal of responsibility as you will have to monitor sedated patients to ensure their vitals remain stable throughout the surgery.

Physician Assistant

If you want to be a doctor but aren’t quite sure about devoting so much time to school, becoming a physician assistant could be the right choice for you. You will have to work under a doctor’s privileges, but you can see patients by yourself and diagnose health problems. You can prescribe treatments as necessary. Since hospitals do not typically hire physician assistants, you can plan on having a stable work schedule in a doctor’s office so you have plenty of time to spend with your family. If you want to focus on a specific area of medicine, you can elect to work with a specialist.


Becoming a surgeon is the most extensive path in the medical field. You must first complete medical school and then complete several years in a surgical residency program in a teaching hospital. During the program, you will have the chance to work with different surgical specialties so you can choose which path you want to pursue. After passing an extensive exam at the end of your residency, you’ll complete a year as a surgical fellow before becoming a full-fledged attending surgeon. Although it requires an extensive amount of schooling, surgeons earn a great living and can often set their own schedules depending upon their specialties.

Because the medical field continues to grow, many people want to pursue careers in the industry. There are numerous job paths you can follow if you don’t want to become a doctor. These four career options are all valid so consider choosing one of them.

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