10 Ways Teenagers Can Earn Money Online

StrategyDriven Entrepreneurship Article |Make Money Online|10 Ways Teenagers Can Earn Money OnlineIn today’s economy, money is a necessity regardless of whether you’re 13 years of age or 30. However, learning the value of money at a young age is a crucial step in maturing towards adulthood. Many teenagers appreciate the financial freedom a part time job affords them, with the ability to save for clothes or a car, and their parents find that it teaches them responsibility, too.
Thanks to advancements in technology, it has never been easier for teenagers to earn money without leaving their homes. Hospitality jobs are still viable options for some but others may prefer to make money online, as most young people are already well acquainted with the digital world. There are a number of different and exciting side hustles for teenagers to make money online around their existing schedule.

Here are 10 of the best:

1.Freelance Writing

If you, or a teenager you know, are an avid writer and believe you have the chops to work as a freelance writer, then freelance writing might be a good option. Working as a freelance writer across a number of different platforms, such as local magazines or newspapers, is a great way to earn money doing something you enjoy. Many publications are happy to give young people opportunities, too, either as interns or juniors.

Sometimes, you may find job postings from businesses looking for freelance writers, but often your ability to secure work will be based on your own discretion and hunger to reach out and contact businesses directly. With sites like Fiverr and Upwork, it’s easy to put together a profile with samples of your work, and apply to any number of suitable job openings. Freelance writing is also one of the easiest gigs on Fiverr to get going as you can easily have your samples displayed.

Freelance writing can be incredibly competitive, regardless of which platform you use, so it’s important you don’t get disheartened by rejections. In the end though, payoff in financial means and experience make it entirely worthwhile.

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2. Blog Writing

Similar to freelancing, writing for a blog, whether yours or someone else’s, can be an easier writing side-hustle to start up and maintain. Granted, it’s unlikely you’ll immediately start making money with this particular venture. But, once you do monetize, the payout can be quite substantial. Some individuals have been fortunate enough to craft an entire career out of blogging based on how much money they make from advertising. If you write for an existing blog, you won’t have to maintain the site; you’ll simply produce the content and reap the rewards.

Blogging is also a great way to develop your writing style, as well as testing you creatively to make each post unique. When searching and applying for writer positions as you get older, these blog posts can be utilized as examples of your work.

3. Language Tutor

Tutoring in your primary language, whether it’s French, Chinese, Spanish, or English, is a fantastic way to earn money online. Most of the time, when individuals are seeking lessons on a secondary language, they aren’t searching for academic grade lessons. Often, they’re seeking out lessons to improve their conversational language skills and require assistance from native speakers, whether it’s with sentence structure or pronunciation. Tutoring online means teenagers are able to reach a large audience and help others without leaving their homes.

Typically, online tutoring does have a minimum age requirement. For most sites you have to be at least 16-18; it just varies based on which site you visit. Depending on where you live, you may be able to offer tutoring services through your school or college.

4. Selling Your Crafts

If language skills are not in your wheelhouse, and you’re more of the artistic type, then maybe developing your own small-crafts business is more your style. These days, ecommerce sites like Etsy are great for selling your own home-made goodies. On sites like this, you’ll find a variety of products ranging from personalized name puzzles to custom jewelry and antique merchandise. It’s completely up to you and your skills what you make and sell.

When operating one’s own craft business, there’s a degree of marketing and advertising that goes into it, like posts on Facebook and Instagram. If you’re a typical teenager though, you’ll be no stranger to social media. Selling crafts is a great way to express your creativity and make money in the process.

5. Freelance Photographer

If you or a teen you know have a good camera and an eye for photography, selling images online is a great way to earn money. Whether you sell photos to a digital media source or through a third-party site, there are a number of ways to make money through photography. The practice is similar to freelance writing in that you’re selling a product to consumers, with a price entirely based on your discretion and skillset.

10 Ways Teenagers Can Earn Money Online6. Online Videos

With platforms like YouTube amassing millions of visitors every day, creating videos is a money-making exercise that more and more teens are exploring. There are all sorts of video content creators these days, but how-to videos are among the most popular, thanks to their versatility. This is a popular side-hustle option among teens, as young people are the most active on the site.

Videos could vary widely, from how to beat a level on a video game to completing a DIY home project, or explanations on a specific niche you’re passionate about. Making money on platforms like YouTube is typically done by monetizing one’s videos. For example, by adding a subscription fee or allowing advertisements. The easiest way to start earning from online videos is by building a loyal audience of regular viewers.

7. Humanatic

When you’re on the phone with a business and an automated message says “this call is being recorded for quality and training purposes,” companies like Humanatic are the ones behind it. Basically, the call is recorded and forwarded to a third-party company such as Humanatic, who then assign the audio to one of their employees. They then listen to the audio and create a report based on what was done well and what can be improved.

Naturally, for this service, businesses pay establishments like Humanatic to listen to the audio and provide feedback. Working as an audio reviewer is a great, remote side gig. As one of these audio reviewers you can expect the pay to be based entirely on how much work you put in.

8. Proofreading

If you have a strong grasp of grammar and basic language skills, then work as a proofreader is be a no-brainer. There is no age requirement for this one, and all you do is read other people’s work to check for grammar, typos, and other sentence structure issues. Typically, an agency will pay around 25% of the price of a document to the proofreader; the amount of time each piece takes to read can vary. Regardless of your school or college schedule, proofreading can be an incredibly lucrative side hustle and will definitely add some much-needed extra cash to your bank account.

9. Customer Service Representative

If you’re seeking an online gig that can work around your, or a teen’s, study schedule, then a position as a customer service representative (CSR) might the next best step. Typically, these positions require individuals to be at least 16 years of age, but this can vary based on the business and/or online sites they’re affiliated with.

Note, these kinds of jobs do require a certain amount of resolve, and some people might not be able to handle this line of work. As a CSR you will be introduced to a wide variety of people, who can be polite or incredibly rude. As you develop your CSR skills, and overall confidence in your abilities, it’ll get easier to handle a variety of customers.

10. Survey Panels

When you take online surveys, you’re essentially offering your opinion on a variety of topics from music to various products, or even website content. Some companies operate by sending reviewers things to try, in exchange for detailed reviews, while others will pay people for their time. The reviews can take anywhere from a couple of minutes to several hours; this often depends on the value of the product or content.

However, before signing up anywhere and handing over your personal information, it’s important you do research first on reputable sites. This way, you’ll avoid scams and ensure you’ll actually make money from your efforts.


There are a number of ways that individuals can make money online, regardless of their age. Teens, in particular, are well-versed in the digital space and many prefer online side hustles to a traditional part time jobs like serving at a restaurant. The flexibility of digital work also allows them to juggle their work and study schedules with ease.

With the progression of technology and online presence in the workplace, a vast number of opportunities have begun to open up for people willing to work from home. As long as you have a strong internet connection, and the drive to stick to a schedule, the sky is the limit on what you can do and earn.

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