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Managing a business is hard to do, but this year has been especially hard. With the normal tasks of creating a social media strategy, managing employees, and tracking data and finances, there have been a lot of upheavals and needed adaptations. A business may have needed to be done remotely or adapted to fit safety protocols. A lot of the needed adaptations needed require technology updates and fixes. Here are a few ways you can adapt your business using technology to keep up with the changing world.

Working Remotely

There has been a greater need to have employees work from home where possible. This can be better facilitated through technology like laptops, communication software, and other software that allows employees to access their work files and documents from home.

Another important aspect of working remotely is finding a good way to still hold necessary meetings. There are many different platforms that allow for video conferencing meetings. Some companies that have some employees working in the office and others working at home use Zoom Room Equipment to set up a designated room to use for online meetings with their remote workers. This helps to cut down on time needed to set up for meetings and other technical issues that can delay schedules.

Project Management

When everyone is working in different locations, it can be difficult to ensure that tasks are completed on time. You may have problems with people duplicating work or tasks getting forgotten due to a lack of good communication.

Project management software like Asana or other options can help you set up tasks, due dates, and assignments all in one place. Giving everyone access to the projects they work on will help the entire team be informed of the current status of the project and what needs to happen next to reach the goal.


Remote working is great for many reasons, but it can also open up the door for cyber attacks on your company if you are not careful. Employees may rely on public internet connections, or online storage solutions may be utilized to help gain access to important documents from different locations.

It is easier to provide security to an office location because you can lock the physical office that contains the servers and use closed networks with added layers of security. These are not possible when you have remote workers.

Investing in increased cybersecurity measures is crucial if you are going to keep your business safe. Virtual private networks (VPNs) and data backups are both essential for remote working. You should also stack up against your security by using multi-factor authentication, real-time security monitoring, and cybersecurity software.

Performance Tools

It can be hard to manage employees when they are working remotely, and that can make performance reviews unsubstantiated and flimsy. Using performance tools can help to give your employees concrete expectations and goals they can follow, and it can also give you usable data to help increase engagement and provide targeted training and feedback.

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