5 types of print marketing that could help your business to improve its bottom line

StrategyDriven Marketing and Sales Article |Print Marketing|5 types of print marketing that could help your business to improve its bottom line“Print marketing is dead.” Where have you previously heard or read that phrase? Probably in quite a few places. However, the figures tell a different story: in 2017 alone, printing marketing generated a 190% stronger response than in the year prior, while 43% more customers responded to direct mail in that period.

Paradoxically, the increased digitization of marketing might have created an environment where the tangibility of print marketing materials is now much easier to appreciate. This all leaves the question: what means of print marketing should you especially strongly consider using to promote your business?


In essence, brochures your company produces and distributes should explain your products, services or, for that matter, your company as a whole. Small Business Trends points out that, while brochures can be folded into easy-to-carry pamphlets or leaflets, they can also be presented unfolded.

Fortunately, folded and unfolded brochures alike can be easy to make with the right equipment at hand, such as printing machinery from an esteemed, specialist brand like Duplo International.

Business cards

According to one statistic shared by Digital Doughnut, 72% of people continue to assess companies from their business cards. Yes, those are the kinds of cards these firms might be especially inclined to hand out at trade shows, lectures, seminars and similar meetings where person-to-person networking can flourish.

Therefore, you need to make sure that your company’s own cards catch the eye for the right reasons. Monochrome colors can work well for tech firms, while red is good for bolder brands, like those in sports. Unsurprisingly, green is often favored by eco-friendly companies.

Direct mail postcards

The modern effectiveness of direct mail marketing has already been well-attested in this article – and you can wield the power of direct mail especially effectively when you use postcards for the purpose.

That’s largely because, when postcards fall through a letterbox and onto a welcome mat, they can stand out relatively easily from the usual clump of white envelopes. Also, a recipient of the postcard only has to glance twice at it to discern what it offers, making your job as a marketer appreciably easier.


While there’s nothing practically stopping you from handing out posters much like you might do with brochures and business cards, posters are usually instead displayed at highly-frequented locations where they are thus likely to garner a significant amount of attention.

Posters can prove an especially cost-effective form of print marketing – as, when designed in an attention-grabbing but informative way, even just one poster could help you to attract a high number of customers.

Outdoor signs

Many principles of good poster design apply with outdoor signs, too. For example, you should limit the displayed information to a few basics to help people who see those more easily remember them.

Outdoor signage can be used to promote upcoming events, campaigns or sales – or, indeed, simply let people know what your business is and is about. This kind of signage is usually printed on durable plastic to help it withstand the elements.

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