How To Treat Your Customers Like Royalty

StrategyDriven Customer Relationship Management Article |Customer Service|How To Treat Your Customers Like RoyaltyAs a business owner, you are undoubtedly looking for ideas to expand your customer base and increase your bottom line. One way to achieve that goal is by offering your customers a premium service beyond comparison.

In short, you should aim for excellence and provide nothing short of a first-class service to your customers. It might seem like an odd concept, but many customers feel fed up with poor customer service and sometimes getting treated like they aren’t important.

If you treat your customers like royalty, they’ll feel valued and respected by your company. What’s more, they are almost certainly going to keep spending their money with your business.

Here are some steps to illustrate how you can give your customers a premium service that’s both customized to their needs and solves their problems:

Offer a genuine 24/7 service

Everyone knows that an e-commerce website means a business is theoretically ‘open for business’ 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The thing is, while customers can order goods and services online, they can’t get out of hours help if they need it.

You can buck that trend by offering a genuine 24/7 service to all your customers. You could provide the right support they need at any time via email, instant messaging, social media, or telephone.

The way you can do that is by either employing staff to work in shifts to cover the full 24 hours or outsourcing your contact center operations. If you opt for the latter, it would be better if you did so to a team in the same country as you.

Offer an express delivery service as standard

If you only sell digital products and services, you can probably ignore this section as it’s something you likely do anyway. But, if you need to send physical goods to your customers, don’t make them wait a long time for their orders.
It’s no secret that companies like Amazon offer next-day and even same-day services to all their customers, irrespective of where they live. Nothing is stopping your business from providing fast delivery if it partners with an expedited freight company.

You might be wondering how you can employ such a concept with your company if you only have a small business. The good news is you can use outsourced fulfillment services to stock your goods in various locations across the country.
Expedited freight companies can quickly haul your stock to each warehouse, and you can use local delivery options that promise next-day or same-day services.

Provide exceptional customer care

Lastly, you should go beyond the call of duty to ensure your customers have an excellent buying experience with you. That starts from the moment they enquire about what you sell through to the delivery of their orders.
Of course, your first-class customer care shouldn’t end once your customers receive their orders. You should back up what you sell with an aftercare service that’s beyond compare. Doing so will tempt your audience away from your competitors, even if you charge more!

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