Tips for Retaining Employees During the COVID-19 Pandemic

StrategyDriven Managing Your People Article |Retaining Employees|Tips for Retaining Employees During the COVID-19 PandemicThe coronavirus pandemic has changed the landscape of employee and employer relations. Before, the retention of employees could be greatly influenced by the environment and relationships. Yet, for many businesses, now the only interaction they have with their employees is online.

More than ever, people struggle with their work-life balance, struggle to maintain their productivity, and struggle with their mental health.

When looking to retain employees through the pandemic, hopefully to the other side, it is important to consider the specific issues COVID-19 has caused.

Excellent Communication

One of the greatest struggles employees are facing right now is feeling out of the loop. Communication may have been easier before, when you could call someone into your office and speak to them face to face. But it’s different now.

Just because you can’t speak to your employees face to face doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep up that level of communication.

Ensuring everyone is on the same page and understands what is expected of them is key. Still, in the mental health crisis we find ourselves in, communicating more generally will help too.

More people than ever will be dealing with loss, grief, and poor health. Alongside that is the general anxiety caused by the pandemic and the listlessness and depression that has plagued many due to the new lifestyle we have had to adopt.

Taking time to ask your employees how they are doing and speaking to them personally will create a working environment employees will want to stay with, effectively retaining them through the pandemic.

Compensation and Perks

This may have been easier to dish out pre-pandemic, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still consider them to retain employees. Benefits are a crucial pillar of the employee experience, even more so now than before.

In an increasingly difficult world to navigate, aspects like paid time off, health packages, and retirement plans are more important than ever.

If employees feel like they’ve been treated well over the pandemic, they are more likely to stay. However, if they feel as though you didn’t support them enough, you will lose their trust, and they will be unlikely to stay long-term.

Wellness Activities

Providing a focus on wellness within your business is essential right now. Many are suffering through the pandemic and need relief.

Wellness activities focus on keeping your employees healthy – whether mentally, physically, or emotionally. Whilst this will help you retain your employees as they feel supported by the business, it will also help you out as employer. A healthy workforce means a productive workforce.

Kill two birds with one stone, and invest in your employees’ wellbeing.

Retain your employees easily

The pandemic has thrown up so many issues for business owners. Retaining your employees through this time will be difficult, but it offers you a chance to prove yourself to your employees. If you manage to retain them through this difficult time, you’ll be able to retain them through anything.

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