Top Small Business Branded Merch Ideas in 2021

StrategyDriven Marketing and Sales Article |Branded Merch|Top Small Business Branded Merch Ideas in 2021It’s not just big companies that need to prioritize a branding strategy. Branding is one of the best marketing areas to focus on simply because it brings with it so many advantages. From standing out in a competitive environment to being the first company that customers think of when they need what you sell, branding is just as vital for a small business as it is for a globe-spanning corporation. All companies must take the time to develop a strong brand, with consistency and adaptability at its heart. There are so many branded merchandise options to consider that it can be hard to narrow down what’s best for you. Here are some ideas that are well worth considering.


Branded clothing is always a popular option when it comes to merch. You could have branded hats that your team members wear or hand them out as part of an after-sales process. The best thing about branded clothes is that they get seen. If you have customers that wear a sweatshirt branded with your company logo, name, and contact details, then those customers will advertise your business wherever they go. When it comes to extending your brand reach, branded clothing is always an option worth considering.


It’s easy to overlook branded stationary. Whether it’s a corporate gift or a treat for customers, those branded pens and notepads might have a lot more value than you think. That’s because those items will be used, and every time that someone writes with your branded pen or scribbles an idea on your branded notebooks, they will see your company. The more that they get used, the more likely it is that those customers will think of you whenever they need you. Brand familiarity is a high-value marketing tool, and branded stationary has a lot of power.


When it comes to corporate gifts, food is hard to beat. Whether it’s as part of an outreach strategy and introduction process, or a way of saying thank you to suppliers or high-value employees, there’s nothing quite like branded food gifts. When it comes to gifting food, you have to be careful. Some foods will spoil, so it’s always a smart idea to choose food items that will last a while. One of the best options to look at is corporate chocolate gifts because it’s very hard to find people who don’t like chocolate! High-quality chocolate is always a treat, so it’s particularly useful for brands that want to highlight their commitment to luxury.

Tech Accessories

Particularly good for tech startups and those businesses that sell any form of technology, branded tech accessories can be a pricey but high-impact option. Giving away a free branded keyboard or mouse that gets used every day has obvious value, but you need to be sure that those tech items will be used. It’s always a good idea to look at the technologies that will get seen by more than just the person receiving them. Branded USB memory sticks will get used on the go, as will branded Bluetooth speakers. Those items will get eyes on them, and your brand will get noticed by potential customers.

Branded merch should always be a marketing option, even for small, local businesses. No matter your industry, niche, or the products that you sell, match your branded merch to your brand voice, and you’ll have a marketing resource that’s hard to beat.

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