Improving Your ServiceNow Experience with a Planning Roadmap

StrategyDriven Managing Your Business Article |ServiceNow|Improving Your ServiceNow Experience with a Planning RoadmapDuring the past two decades, technological advancement has rapidly changed how our society functions. All throughout the globe, there have been a multitude of technological changes that have greatly impacted how the world works, and one of the greatest changes has been within the economy. The economy has been affected immensely by technology, as novel innovations have made for new systems within corporations. As the economy has been impacted, one of the greatest changes we have seen is the growth of cloud management products. Cloud management programs are on the rise, and ServiceNow is one of the most effective of these systems. There are many uses that ServiceNow has, which is why it is so widely utilized throughout a myriad of different enterprises. When building up your ServiceNow infrastructure, it is important to plan and create a roadmap. Having a ServiceNow roadmap will not only help when working with your partner service, but it will provide a clear direction of your entire business model. Learning how to work with your ServiceNow partner service to create a roadmap will be extremely beneficial to your enterprise and will enable you to grow your company further.

ServiceNow Roadmap in Practice

When creating your business’ ServiceNow roadmap, you need to learn exactly how to strategize to attain success. You need to work with your partner service to create a roadmap with governance, optimization of process, using informed people, and strategy if you want the best results. You will also be able to operate workshops by using your partner’s planning tool, which will help you to achieve your goals. You can gain help from your partner service to determine your company’s needs, understand how to get internal alignment, and create a detailed and lucrative budget.

ServiceNow Roadmap Strategy

Once you have laid out the beginning stages of your ServiceNow roadmap, you can then determine what will be essential for this process. Your plan needs to focus on the facets of IT business management, quality security operations, GRC, IT service management, IT operations management, and HR service delivery. These various facets should lead your partner service to create deliverables for your enterprise, including a statement of work to designate your terms of engagement, a roadmap with long-term goals for your project including success milestones, a detailed project plan that outlines your entire system, and a strong budget. Another element you should expect to receive is a proof of concepts that defines your workflow. Finally, it is imperative for your business to ensure that your partner is certified as ServiceNow Elite Partner and a ServiceNow Managed Services partner, as this allows them to provide you with a multitude of specializations. Some of these specializations include cloud management, HR, risk and compliance, service mapping, software asset management, customer service management, event management, and more.

Final Thoughts

Making a detailed roadmap for your ServiceNow experience will prove to be extremely beneficial to your company. Learning the various steps and what to expect is imperative for your corporation’s success.

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