How to Successfully Open Your First Restaurant

StrategyDriven Starting Your Business Article |Open a Restaurant|How to Successfully Open Your First RestaurantMany aspiring entrepreneurs are excited by the idea of opening a restaurant. People love to dine out, especially now after not having been able to for so long, and the demand for a good restaurant will always be there, so it’s a business idea that should work well. However, just looking around and researching other restaurants shows that it’s not always successful, which you will clearly want to avoid.

To do well and to keep running well into the future, there are some important factors to bear in mind. If you plan ahead and consider all the different aspects of running a business and specifically running a restaurant, there is every chance you can do well. Read on to find out what you need to think about right from the start.

Choose A Restaurant Concept And Brand

If you know you want to open a restaurant, you probably already know what concept you want that restaurant to be, and you might even have an idea of your brand too. Before you can start doing anything, from finding a location to advertising to hiring staff, you need to have these things set in stone. If you’re still unsure about the kind of restaurant you want to open, or you’re wavering when it comes to your brand and the idea behind it all, you won’t be able to convince your patrons that they should come to you. In other words, if you’re confused, they will be too, and rather than trying something they don’t have much information about, they will go back to the familiar restaurants they already understand.

Plus, without a brand and concept, it’s going to be impossible to fit out your restaurant, and you might find you are delayed or that you buy furniture that won’t work with your final idea, and you might have to spend additional money to get it right. This is why it’s crucial to have your brand and concept completed agreed upon before you can do anything else.

Licenses And Permits

There are a number of different licenses and permits you’ll need to safely and legally run a restaurant. Depending on where you are opening your restaurant, there will be local laws to follow, so ensure you research what you will need.

No matter where you are, something you will certainly need is insurance. The best way to obtain this is to speak to a commercial insurance broker Montreal. You can discuss exactly what you need to be covered by the insurance, and they will help you find the ideal cover.

Choose A Location

Once you know what you’re going to do and how you intend to do it, you’ll need to find a business premises in the right location. Unlike many businesses, you cannot ‘work from home’ and a premises is crucial when you run a restaurant. You’ll need to think about:

  • Footfall – will people pass by your restaurant?
  • Parking – having a great restaurant is excellent, but if no one can park, they won’t find it easy to come to you, and they’ll go elsewhere
  • Size – how much room do you need in the restaurant and in the kitchen?
  • Competition – what else is around the area you’re thinking of opening your restaurant in? Can you compete?
  • Budget – how much can you afford to spend on rent?

Looking for a premises can be fun, and it’s easy to get carried away and fall in love with somewhere without thinking things through. Always ensure you get a second opinion and you’re thinking of the business at all times.

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