How to Have Fun with Your Teams

StrategyDriven Managing Your People Article |Teams|How to Have Fun with Your TeamsWhen you are in a leadership role, one of your jobs is to make sure that the morale is good within your teams. All places of work will have periods where things will become stressful, and these days, job seekers are looking for more than just a good salary to help them choose which position to accept. This is why you need to be creative and make sure that your teams are kept happy at work and allow them to have a little fun in the office rather than it being all work and no play. So, if you’re looking for ways to boost the moods of your team members, here are a few fun things you can try.

Betting on Sporting Events

When there is a big sporting event such as the World Cup or the Grand National, it could be fun to get the team together to make some bets. Not everyone has to take part if they aren’t keen on gambling, but a lot of people do like to bet on the bigger events like this as a bit of fun. Just make sure that you keep the betting limit at a sensible budget so that no one is getting themselves into financial trouble if they lose.

Host an Online Casino Night

If your teams aren’t fans of sports, then why not get the same thrill that betting would have provided everyone by drumming up some competition when playing casino games. You can find reviews on websites like best online casinos USA has and organize a casino night to play live roulette or blackjack.

Host Competitions

Another thing you can do to inject a bit of fun into the workday is hold competitions for your team members. For example, the first person to hit their daily targets wins a shopping voucher or a box of chocolates. This will not only make their workday more fun but offer them another incentive to hit their targets. Alternatively, you could do things like the desk with the best Christmas decorations wins a food hamper for some festive fun.

Monthly Socials

This is not only a good way to let your teams blow off some steam, but it can help them to bond and form friendships at work with their colleagues. Once a month, book a table at a local bar or restaurant on a Friday night that you can all go to after work. Whether people only stay for one drink or a few hours, this is a good way for everyone to have fun with each other and is a nice little reward after working hard. Just make sure that the bar or restaurant is easy to get to, preferably within walking distance from the office.

Employee Awards

Hosting employee awards once a year can be another way to boost morale and have some fun in the office. A lot of places might choose to do this around Christmas time, but doing it during the summer months could be a good option if you already host Christmas parties, as then it gives your teams a little boost at another point in the year. You can take these awards more seriously or make them novelty ones if you want to make it a sillier event for some laughs.
If you want to help to boost the morale within your teams, consider the suggestions above to help make work more fun.

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