How to Grow Your Business: Pro Tips for Managers

StrategyDriven Managing Your Busines Article |Grow your business|How to Grow Your Business: Pro Tips for ManagersAre you trying to grow your business but feel like you keep running into a brick wall? Don’t worry; this is a common experience that all managers go through at some point in time. It’s the nature of the business world: nothing is supposed to be easy!

Fortunately, you can put the following pro tips into action if you need a boost. These tips will help to protect your business, get it on the right track, and ultimately make growth a realistic possibility.

Hire security guards

For your business to grow, it first needs to be protected. Otherwise, you’ll be at risk of break-ins and theft, which could lead to devasting cost damages.

If your current business premises isn’t protected – whether it’s a small commercial office or a large, multi-floor building – you should consider hiring security guards who will be able to provide controlled gate access, entry point monitoring, and more. Get started by visiting

On top of this, you should also have security cameras and alarms installed throughout and around your building for extra protection. Security cameras, in particular, are a great deterrent for would-be criminals, so make sure to bear this in mind.

Create an interesting, emotion-driven marketing campaign

It only takes one really good marketing campaign to get your business off the ground and into space in the modern age. If you strike gold with a marketing campaign, it will get shared across all the major social media platforms; gaining your business some major traction.

Here’s an example of an excellent marketing campaign. Back in 2013, Dove launched their ‘Dove Real Beauty Sketches’ campaign, and it gained a lot of positive attention online.

Essentially, the aim of the campaign was to draw attention to women’s beauty standards and how they have led to many women having low (and untrue) perceptions of themselves.

In the promotional video (which you can watch on YouTube), participants in the campaign had to describe themselves to sketch artists. After this, their partners and friends were asked to describe them to sketch artists, too.

The sketches derived from their friend’s descriptions were much more beautiful and realistic than the ones derived from the actual participants, creating a powerful message.

Regarding this campaign, Dove state:

‘More than 50 million people viewed the Dove video within 12 days of its release. To date, Real Beauty Sketches has been viewed almost 180 million times. We want the film to continue to inspire every single one of the 80% of women who feel anxious about how they look to reconsider their view of their own beauty’.

The point is clear: when a marketing campaign is good, it will gain lots of clicks and have a lasting impact for years after.

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Improve your business homepage

Your business homepage should include enticing imagery, good branding, effective call-to-action, and your contact details. On top of this, it’s also a good idea to include a customer service chatbot in the corner to help guide any visitors to your website who need assistance.

Implement a hybrid work model

Modern business managers have embraced hybrid work models. Hybrid work models allow employees to work from home and enjoy greater flexibility. It also allows business managers to hire new and talented employees from different cities and countries.

Lastly, embrace the hard times

Remember, your business growth journey isn’t supposed to be easy. However, by following the tips above and placing your focus on the right key areas, you’ll be able to grow and expand your business over the coming years.

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