5 Innovative Software Systems For Your Business

StrategyDriven Managing Your Business Article |Software Systems for Business|5 Innovative Software Systems For Your BusinessMany businesses fail because the owners often find themselves preoccupied with internal business processes instead of the actual business. Owners are thus encouraged to automate most of their internal processes, to prioritize their sales and marketing.

Businesses can automate their processes by implementing governance risk management and compliance (GRC) software to help them achieve their goals and objectives while robustly addressing risks.

An excellent example of a GRC is the Service Now GRC, which enables swift business transformation based on risk-informed business operations.

Software systems are perfect automation tools that businesses can eliminate unnecessary time spent on menial and repetitive internal processes.

These applications increase and measure productivity while performing other business functions accurately and efficiently.

Here are five innovative software systems for your business.

Accounting Or Payroll System

Accounting is by far the most tedious of all business processes. A business must keep track of its salary payments, tax calculations, and day-to-day bookkeeping records.

Although people can do all these operations, the high probability of human error is a significant risk leading to destructive financial and legal issues.

Project Management Software

Projects typically consist of many sub-tasks that are done concurrently or simultaneously. These subtasks have to be adequately monitored and managed through the project lifecycles. Usually, each task has its timeline, budget, and personnel.

Managing these tasks requires incredible transparency and oversight, which many businesses often struggle with. Implementing a project management system will consolidate sub-tasks into one central hub where the responsible parties will update each subtask’s progress, budget, and timeline.

This amalgamation of information will allow businesses to monitor the progress of each task closely and hence stipulate the overall budget and timeline of the project.

Communication Software

For a business to run operations smoothly, it must develop an open and direct line of communication between all involved parties. Without this direct line, a company may experience many omitted or incorrect flows of information, thus leading to poor productivity and outcomes.

With the rise of remote working amid the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses have had to figure out a way to keep their workers connected and informed about various operations.

As a result of this surge in demand, the use of video communication tools such as Zoom, Google Hangouts, and Skype have skyrocketed in the last two years. Along with messaging or chat-based apps such as Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Web Development Software

Another surge influenced by the pandemic is the demand for functional and visually appealing websites. Many blue-collar brick-and-mortar companies found themselves out of business due to the lockdowns. As a result, they had to pivot their business models to suit the new normal. Business owners had to get online to get to their customers.

Web development is not an easy skill to learn, and it is also very costly. In response to the demand, web development companies like WordPress made it easier for people to create their websites by creating a simplified drag and drop methodology that anyone with a computer can master.

Customer Relationship Management Software

Customer satisfaction is an essential aspect of driving sales and business growth. A customer relationship management (CRM) tool helps businesses establish and nurture long-lasting relations with their clientele.

The software allows direct and continuous communication with customers from the beginning to the end of their purchase. CRM provides support to customers even months after they have made their purchase.

Businesses can conduct email-based surveys and collect feedback on the buyer experience and service satisfaction.

Software systems are a practical approach to improve business processes, reduce lead times, and minimize overall costs. Businesses are highly encouraged to use these applications to avoid redundant tasks and solely focus on their core competencies.

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