How to Maintain a Secure Business Premises

StrategyDriven Risk Management Article | How to Maintain a Secure Business Premises

Security is crucial for commercial business premises. Even if the business is located in a low-crime area, it is important to secure the premises out of hours, and if you operate in a sensitive field, 24/7 security might be needed.

There are lots of options to consider, depending on how much security you need. Read on for a guide to the main things to look at.


Perimeter fencing is important. This can be decorative as well as secure, so don’t assume one negates the other. Think about the level of security you need before hiring a commercial fencing Chesterfield contractor.

Do you store expensive equipment on the site? If so, the fencing needs to reflect this. Look at security fencing that offers superior strength, such as chain link fencing or decorative steel fencing. Anti-climb fencing is useful if you want to deter people from climbing over it.

You may also need fencing to keep people from straying into some areas of your site.


Gates keep unwanted visitors out but it’s also important to have a way of controlling the traffic flow if you have a steady stream of clients, visitors, and employees arriving and leaving all day and night. This applies to larger premises, such as factories, warehouses, and distribution centers. There are lots of different designs, including swinging and sliding gates.

Secure access control systems are a good solution. If a gate control system is installed, it will make life easier for the gate operator. Their job is to verify the credentials of anyone entering the premises, so it is helpful if they can open and close the gate using an electronic mechanism.

All gates should be lockable and secure when the premises are closed.


Security lighting will help to keep your business premises secure by shining a light on anyone trying to gain entry. Most intruders don’t want their actions to be visible to anyone passing by. Bright lights make it much harder for someone to break in.

Fix bright lights around the permitter and over any doors. Motion-controlled security lights use less energy if you don’t want lights blazing all night. Be vigilant for lighting blackspots and make sure all lights are well maintained, so bulbs are replaced when they burn out.

Security Cameras

Modern security systems are very sophisticated and unobtrusive. With the right system, you can have a live feed transmitted to a remote device and uploaded to the cloud. This way, the premises can be monitored and protected at all times, without on-site security staff.

Speak to an expert to view your options.

On-Site Security Personnel

There may be a need for on-site security personnel patrolling the premises outside of operating hours or 24/7, depending on the nature of your business. If you go with this option, make sure you provide welfare facilities for your team, where they can monitor cameras and keep warm.

There are plenty of ways to keep commercial premises secure. Choose the best option for your budget and business type.

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