The Financial Impact: Saving Money Through Cleanliness

StrategyDriven Managing Your Business Article | The Financial Impact: Saving Money Through Cleanliness

A clean warehouse is absolutely paramount. It lowers costs, reduces the risk of accidents and improves inventory management, along with many other benefits. However, keeping your warehouse in prime condition is more difficult in practice, as every warehouse manager will know.

In this blog post, we dive into how you can keep your warehouse clean and the impact it could have on your bottom line.

Clean Warehouse and Reduced Operational Costs

A clean warehouse is an efficient warehouse. If you don’t need to move things around and navigate your way through boxes all the time, you can get more work done in less time. That means more time for inventory management, reduced labour costs and even energy savings.

Fewer Accidents and Lower Costs

Trips, slips and falls on the same level are the most common workplace accidents in the UK. Your employees could fall over a box left on the floor and break their wrist. Or they could slip on some spilt water on the floor that hasn’t been wiped up. A messy and dirty workplace is hazardous for employees and will result in worker compensation claims for the business.

Cleaning up your space means lower compensation claims, reduced insurance premiums and cost savings related to regulatory compliance.

Minimized Product Damage and Cost Savings

Products get damaged when your warehouse is not organised and tidy. If boxes are pushed onto a shelf and squeezed into tight spaces, they could fall out and break on the floor. The cost of product damage and breakage adds up very quickly and could be taking a chunk out of your income each month.

Taking more care of your products can decrease the cost of replacing damaged goods and improve customer satisfaction and retention.

Maintenance and Repairs: Savings Through Prevention

Preventative maintenance often gets overlooked, but it can save you time and money later down the line. If you notice a leak in the ceiling, get it fixed immediately instead of putting it off until there’s a huge hole that damages your products. You can save money on your RS Americas equipment repairs and replacements and ultimately extend the lifespan of your warehouse assets.

Warehouse management is all about being proactive. It’s responding quickly to problems and paying attention to the small things. Instead of leaving an empty box on the floor, put it away so someone doesn’t trip and fall, leading to a compensation claim. Or, instead of leaving some water on the floor for someone to slip on, wipe it up and put the towel away. Keeping on top of things will protect your employees, products and the future of your business.

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