The 12 Minute Challenge: Power Through to Success

I love a good long workout on the treadmill. I should be more specific. I love when I’m finished with a good long workout on the treadmill. Whether I’m running, walking hills, or a little of both, the energy that this type of activity provides is addicting and invigorating. Despite this, it seems that towards the end of my workout, I will inevitably get that “I just want to quit” feeling. In fact, it’s not just close to the end of the work out, it’s almost always 12 minutes before I’m finished. It doesn’t seem to matter how long I’ve been going, when I get that “done” feeling, I look down and I have 12 minutes left.

Though 12 minutes doesn’t seem like a long time, when you’re tired, hungry and out of breath, it can feel like an eternity. So to power myself through the last bit of my workout, I have to find ways to keep my mind busy. Yes, my mind. It’s all mental at this point.

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About the Author

Shelli Stinson is the VP of Business Development at WealthBridge Connect. She brings experience from education, sales and marketing as well as project management. Most recently, Shelli was the employee wellness manager at Northern Kentucky University. In this position, she learned how much influence that leadership has on the physical, emotional and mental wellness of employees in the workplace. After graduating from NKU with a Masters degree in Executive Leadership and Organizational Change, she joined WealthBridge Connect. In this new role, she hopes to influence businesses to invest in their employees through comprehensive leadership development initiatives, promoting healthier and more productive workplaces- from the top down and the inside out.