Artists, Art Lovers: How To Ensure The Delivery of Your Works

StrategyDriven Managing Your Business Article |Art Delivery|Artists, Art Lovers: How To Ensure The Delivery of Your WorksThe Covid-19 pandemic disrupted the order in which the world ran and brought things to a standstill. Unfortunately, the art community was no exception as it suffered greatly. Owing to border closures, artists could not get their work delivered to customers. Art lovers could not update their collections with new works of art. The lockdown meant people could not go to art exhibitions; museums closed down, auctions were postponed, etc. Today, as with the rest of the world, the art community is gradually recovering from the pandemic. Still, there are restrictions on artwork delivery to an extent.

How Covid-19 Affected Artwork Delivery

As stated before, the pandemic affected artists and art lovers in various ways. Keep reading to find out how COVID-19 is changing the rules.

Closed For Business

The pandemic meant a close for all art businesses. This included museums, art galleries, art exhibitions, art fairs, art workshops, and other art events. Pre-pandemic, most of these events held physically. So, the sudden lockdown resulted in a massive loss of customers for artists. For art lovers, this meant they couldn’t attend most of the art events. This is because the organizers postponed most of them.

Artists who ran small art businesses also suffered as a result of the pandemic. They couldn’t display their arts on the streets due to the lockdown and social distancing rules. Customers couldn’t come out to view their work.

Museums Selling Their Work

Museums like the Brooklyn Museum resorted to selling their work. In the past, art lovers would have come out in droves to criticize such action. Usually, when museums sell their works, it is so they may buy new artwork. Unfortunately, the pandemic meant no one came to the museums. Selling their work was the only way they could keep their place functioning.

No Shipping

As a result of the pandemic, the government put many travel restrictions in place. This affected the shipping of artworks as well. Thus, artists whose customers lived in different states or countries found it difficult to deliver their work. In like manner, art lovers could not receive new art pieces for their collections.

Deliver Despite The Pandemic With Convelio

Although the world is gradually combating the pandemic, restrictions still abound on the delivery of artwork. Many top art logistics companies could not deliver no thanks to the pandemic. Indeed, many even closed for business.

However, the Convelio art transportation service remained in business during the lockdown and continues to operate today. They ship artwork within and outside Europe, thus solving the restrictions worry. They have over one thousand four hundred clients who are satisfied with their work. Whether you are delivering simple artwork or high-value pieces, they will handle it for you carefully. Thus, your clients will be getting what they ordered and within the expected time.


The pandemic does not have to stop you from delivering your work to customers as an artist. As an art lover, you don’t have to worry about not ordering artwork either. With Convelio, you can continue to carry out transactions concerning artwork despite the pandemic.