3 Consumer Trends on the Rise in 2020

StrategyDrivenConsumers can be picky, but there are some trends from years past that are still on the rise in 2020. While there are plenty to choose from, the three on this list are seeing big profits that don’t look like they’ll be on the decline anytime soon. So check out these three products that are likely to be everywhere this year.

CBD Products

The cannabis market has become a big industry. Now that CBD has been reclassified as a Schedule 5 drug, it’s legal to sell it to consumers and can most commonly be found in a health food or e-cigarette store. This development came after CBD as revealed to have properties that stopped seizures associated with Epilepsy. Now, it’s used to treat many different things, from muscle aches to anxiety. Due to its versatility, CBD is estimated to bring in $20 billion in profits by 2024.

Plant-Based Meat Alternatives 

Meatless protein options are gaining in popularity, and not just with people who identify as vegetarian. In fact, only 7% of people who consume meat alternatives say they’re vegetarians. The biggest shift in the alternative protein market was the switch from a need-based market to a want-based market. More people want protein options so they can cut back on eating meat, even just a few days per week. This shift may have come as a result of a more eco-minded consumer trend that’s predicted to increase in the coming decade.

Wireless Speakers

Portable speakers have been popular since they came on the scene in the 1980s, so it’s no surprise that Bluetooth and other wireless speaker types are on the rise. This industry is estimated to generate close to $32 billion by 2023. The success of Bluetooth speakers can also be attributed to their affordability. These powerful little devices start around $10 each, making them a great purchase for holiday gift exchanges at the office or tokens of appreciation. On the other hand, audiophiles can purchase high-quality portable speakers, too, offering a broad market for the product.

Predicting Consumer Trends

There is no such thing as a sure thing, but if you watch the trends, you can try to foresee how consumers will behave in the coming year. Doing so helps companies and individuals decide where to place their investments. Of course, there are a lot of consumer trends out there, so do your research on a product before making a purchase.