Why Are Accredited CPD Training Courses Integral for Professional Development?

StrategyDriven Professional Development Article | Why Are Accredited CPD Training Courses Integral for Professional Development?Career development is what drives many employees within their professions but achieving this isn’t always as easy or straightforward as we all hoped. A highly competitive job market, teams with an impending recession has caused many business owners to place promotions and pay rises on hold.

This is why it’s imperative to stand out from the crowd and do whatever it takes to impress managers. One way of doing so is by undertaking accredited CPD training. These courses can provide invaluable information and skills that may not be able to be learnt on the job, and this article discusses its benefits and how it can help aid with career progressions.

Independently Verified

The internet is a fountain of knowledge, unfortunately, not everything is up-to-date or correct and some can even be a scam. By choosing a CPD accredited course, provides peace of mind as all of these have been independently verified.

This means the student knows they are getting the right facts, alongside value for their money. These courses are constantly updated to be in line with new findings, technology, trends and compliance.

Boosts The CV

With the job market being so competitive, it’s more important than ever to get ahead of the game and impress recruiters and employers.

When a candidate states they have undertaken professionally accredited training courses, not only does it show off their wide knowledge range, but also a willingness to learn and initiative.

Candidates who undertook their initial training a long period ago can fall victim to recruiters assuming they are not using the most modern methods, these courses can prove otherwise.

It can even improve salary prospects and can increase the chances of obtaining a higher wage bracket.

Aids Career Change

There is no limit to what age an employee can change their career, but the longer they take to make this decision, the harder it can be to make the change.

Even candidates who are looking for entry-level roles can find these jobs too competitive and it can lead to having to put these career changes on hold.

However, CPD training can help to score that all-important interview. Candidates with no previous experience or formal qualifications in the field are often overlooked and their application is rarely considered to progress further in the recruitment stages.

By stating in a CV or covering letter the eagerness to learn, the interest in the field and the knowledge already obtained from their own initiative, candidates can really help themselves stand out and progress.

Impresses The Boss

When wishing to process within a current company, one of the best ways an employee can make sure they are considered for further development is to show initiative, interest and a willingness to succeed.

Employees who openly state CPD courses they are taking or have completed will always score points with bosses, as they can see their staff members care just as much about the business as they do.

This new-found knowledge can also be used to help other colleagues and to refine practices and processes in the organisation. Showing off training and managerial skills that can lead to the all-important promotion.

Boosts Confidence

One major reason for employees to hold themselves back from career progression is lack of confidence.

Lack of faith in oneself will often lead to staff not putting themselves forward for new roles and becoming complacent and comfortable in their current role.

By undertaking training courses that are accredited and have been verified of a professional standard, students can quickly gain some confidence with new knowledge, while also reiterating what they already do know.

This can then be applied in the workplace, with the added benefit of access to experts in the subject matter of the course, they can always reach out for clarification and even find solutions to work-related problems.

Many of these courses even provide real-life examples and scenarios, meaning if similar occurrences happen in the workplace, they are already equipped to handle this.