New Whitepaper Release – Evaluating Decision Options

StrategyDriven contributors are pleased to announce the release of our sixth whitepaper: Evaluating Decision Options.

Options and Tradeoffs…

Decision-making often involves trade-offs. Risk aversion suggests that all things being equal, decision-makers will select the option having the lowest risk. But because all things are never quite equal, decision-makers concede items they deem to be of lesser value to items they believe hold greater value with risk being one of the commodities considered.

Decisions involve a choice between two or more complex options. This complexity is a result of the multiple characteristics that define each option and will impact the probability of achieving a desired outcome. In making a selection, the decision-maker is attempting to choose the mix of characteristics that will most optimally achieve the desired result.

The StrategyDriven Evaluating Decision Options whitepaper provides decision-makers with a three step process to use when evaluating and selecting from several differing decision options. These steps are detailed with supporting principles and philosophy; helping users understand the reasoning behind each action.

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