6 Career Benefits of Learning a Skilled Trade

StrategyDriven Practices for Professionals Article |Learn a skilled trade|6 Career Benefits of Learning a Skilled TradeIt’s a common belief that the only way to achieve a stable career is by earning a degree. And while that may be the case for certain professions, it’s not the only way to build a career that is fulfilling, enjoyable and that challenges you.

Learning a skilled trade offers many of the same benefits as other career paths without the cost or time investment of a degree. From plumbing to fitting and maintaining HVAC units, there are plenty of opportunities for you to find a job you love. Here are some of the key career advantages to learning a skilled trade.

It’s a quicker way to gain real experience

Not everyone performs well in an academic or classroom environment, which can make it challenging to learn new skills. But for those who learn best on the job, building up a CV with valuable, hands-on experience can make the world of difference. In a skilled trade career, you can earn experience as an apprentice where you’ll start working on projects and jobs immediately, while picking up knowledge from professionals in the field.

You’ll earn a decent salary

Tradespeople have the opportunity to earn a good salary for their work, and the more skilled and experienced you become, the more you can charge. Salaries vary depending on the trade you choose and the level of experience you have, but on average, you can earn good money with a career such as this. For example, the average salary for a qualified electrician in the UK is over £32,000 per year, making it one of the top-paying trades. And with society’s reliance on electricity, you won’t find yourself short of work. Which brings us on to our next point…

Tradespeople are consistently in demand

There’s a constant need for skilled tradespeople and the pace of growth isn’t slowing down any time soon. In fact, there is a huge number of vacancies for roles such as plumbers and electricians due to skills shortages for these jobs. Depending on the trade you choose to learn, you could find yourself in an enviable position when it comes to earning a great salary and finding work, whether you want to be employed or work for yourself. So, if job security is a concern for you, a skilled trade career can provide peace of mind.

It’s an affordable way to learn

With rising tuition fees, going to university is a costly investment that can leave the average student in thousands of pounds worth of debt. One of the primary benefits of learning a trade is that it’s a cost-effective way of building a career that will earn you a good living. It means that once you’re qualified and working, you won’t be lumbered with a huge student loan debt hanging over you for years to come.

The opportunity to set up your own business

Working for someone else isn’t everyone’s dream – for the more entrepreneurial, starting a business and hiring other people might be the objective. Learning a skilled trade offers great potential for running your own business or working alone as a self-employed individual, where you can set your own hours and determine your own rates.

Job satisfaction

Job satisfaction is one of the top priorities for people seeking a new job now. With so much of our time spent at work, it’s important that we feel happy and fulfilled each day, rather than bored and dissatisfied. A big part of that is choosing the right career path and finding a job that is interesting, that challenges you and gives you the chance to build your knowledge. For many people, this also means finding a job that allows you to meet new people, to problem-solve on a daily basis and to do something hands-on. A skilled trade job offers all of this and more, and it can be a truly satisfying job opportunity that will leave you happier long-term.

Final thoughts

If you’re unsure what career to choose after you finish school, or you are looking for a change and want to switch to a different career path, learning a trade offers a lot of advantages. In fact, without qualified tradespeople, the world would struggle to function as we rely on plumbers, electricians and other skilled trades so much in our everyday lives. From earning a good salary each year to learning new skills and the potential to develop your own business, these are just a few of the benefits you can enjoy when you choose a skilled trade career.