Tech hiring platforms: need of the hour

StrategyDriven Talent Management Article |Tech Hiring Platforms|Tech hiring platforms: need of the hourWith the continuous advancement in the field of technology, everything is going online. This has further become more important in the current situation of a pandemic where most of the things and work has shifted from the traditional ways to online platforms. In such times, the technical teams of the organizations have got tough positions. One such innovation has been made in the field of hiring.

Many tech hiring platform have come up as a major solution to companies for their recruitment and hiring processes. Their main focus is to find the best of the talent and develop them in the best possible manner. They use cloud-based efficient platforms that focus on various key aspects that are involved in the hiring process. These service providing companies help in providing online test assessments, recruitment and L&D solutions, certifications, proctoring, conducting online exams and various other things. Their portfolio has a large variety of product offerings for their customers. These platforms are secure and provide best service experience to their clients. Here we will discuss the key benefits of tech hiring platforms that have also become the need of the hour.

  1. Increases the chance to recruit the best talent: The process of hiring is developed after proper research and development. These are cloud-based and very efficient in conducting all the test and interviews. They also help to get a detailed assessment of the candidates. Thus, this increases the chances of selecting the best talent. The companies can always develop their plans regarding the assessment in terms of skill, role complexity, time and other measures.
  2. Screening of the candidates: Such hiring platforms help to screen out the best candidates. They have the latest and very advanced assessment platforms. They also provide proctoring solutions in cases of conducting online tests and exams which further ensures the authenticity of the exams. One can also select from the vast array of the questions.
  3. Online interview of the candidates: this further helps to conduct the online interviews of the selected candidates most appropriately. This could be conducted in real-time. One can easily assess the candidate’s skills and knowledge using such platforms.
  4. Up skill and engaging the candidates: These service providers also have the training and development solutions for the companies. This can be used by the companies to enhance the skills of the candidates. They also provide a platform for new and existing employees for their better engagement.
  5. Hiring strategy as per your needs and requirements: The companies can always plan and strategies their hiring needs and requirements in the terms of cost, time, complexity and skill. They have hiring processes that are a mix of MCO’s and simulators. This helps in the filtration of the best candidates at the very first step. This further saves a lot of time, energy and cost involved in the hiring process. They also offer in-depth assessment analysis of the candidates for their advanced assessment. Further, after finalizing the candidates, interviews could be conducted online in a very simple and easy manner.
  6. Tech screening of the candidates using assessments and simulators: These tech hiring companies are very advanced in their field and provide the tech screening of the candidates remotely using assessments and simulators. You can choose from the vast portfolio available the type of questions you want to go for.
  7. In-depth analysis of the candidates: The hiring companies also give an in-depth analysis of the reports of the candidates. This also helps to differentiate the best candidates from the average ones. The companies can easily analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates. There are different reports for both of the knowledge bases assessments and application-based assessments. Companies could use this as the preliminary step for conducting the online assessment of the candidates.
  8. Robust proctoring software and technology: These companies provide a ready platform for conducting secure tests and assessments. They have well developed [proctoring software and technology and the candidate can be assessed even from the remote area. These proctoring software further help to develop the customized assessment of each candidate conduct the multiple assessments of different candidates at the same time. The companies can choose from amongst the AI-based proctoring or manual proctoring. They could easily get end to end screening results as well.
  9. Efficient hiring through innovative technology: The innovations and advancement in the field of technology have made everything much simpler. With the use of such technology, efficient hiring has become very easy. It also helps in the better engagement of the new and existing employees. Some service providers provide very advanced hackathon platform. This helps in nurturing the problem-solving skills, fosters better team collaboration among the workforce and fosters the internal innovation.
  10. Customization options: the companies have the option of getting everything customized as per their needs. They can get the tests, assessments, analysis and reports and everything else customized as per their needs and convenience. The tech hiring companies also provide continuous support services to their clients to ensure they get the best experience.

With coming up the online coding assessments, combined with efficient and innovative technology, the future of recruitment has become very structured and well planned. The companies can get the best of the talent by using such platforms and develop them in the best possible manner. The companies should look for the best online coding platform to make their recruitment process more efficient and organized. These are developed taking into considerations several factors and after proper research and development processes. They also provide efficient, cost-effective, clear and transparent hiring platform to the growing companies. Everything from planning, screening, assessment and interviews could be done online. The proctoring software further ensures that everything is conducted in a secure and best possible way. So don’t just look, choose the best platform and go for a more efficient method of hiring. This will not only help in finding the best talent amongst the pool of candidates but also develop them in the best possible manner and ensure their better engagement.

How To Choose Your Company’s Staff

It is always said that the success of a company comes from its human capital. However, one wonders how the most recognized companies achieved such an efficient human resources department. Any entrepreneur should pay attention to this point because recruiting staff is a fundamental task in an organization.

StrategyDriven Talent Management Article | How To Choose Your Company's Staff

Finding the ideal professional for the position is often difficult. The reasons may be lack of experience or that the candidate does not have the required skills. Some companies have periods with constant staff turnover because it is difficult for them to locate the right employees, keep workers happy and satisfied with their work and wages.

Personnel recruiters must be specialists because they must know how to combine intuition with the ability to analyze, synthesize and evaluate, and involve quantitative scientific tools, which contribute to knowing what is not seen with the naked eye. The use of technological tools will help obtain greater accuracy and know the applicant’s scope.

Posting job advertisements in the correct places (according to the requested profile) makes the offer more attractive; therefore, the chances that the candidates will be fixed are higher. At the same time, the design of the ad also serves to attract attention. Take advantage of social networks, especially those of professionals like LinkedIn, so that you can learn more about people’s likes and interests in less time. It makes your searches more effective too and you can get a general overview quicker.

When conducting job interviews, it is essential to provide information on the specific skills and abilities. It is also valuable for the company to report what it has to offer by working there, for example, salary, hours, incentives, or rewards, and all benefits. Look at drug testing to ensure that you hire people who have no history of narcotics or drug abuse. You can look at stewarts drug testing for further information.

Look at the company’s goals.

Also, to have a good team that meets the company’s goals, we have some ideas that will help you select the candidates who are applying. Take note: Psychometric tests are part of job interviews. They are made scientifically, and it is an objective measure of the candidate’s behavior, which allows us to conclude the factors of his personality. They are easy to acquire and can be the first step in determining the applicant’s ability. You want to hire someone who has the potential for growth in the business.

When selecting people, use comments from their other jobs, who they worked with, colleagues, or previous bosses. Therefore, factual information is obtained on the skills and personality at work. At the end of the list of possible workers, it is advisable to carry out a socio-economic study and a personal interview. It will allow knowing the environment in which the candidate develops, how his family conditions, the place where they live, customs, habits, personal and professional information. With this data, unwanted situations can be avoided. You can certainly hire the best professional but the hard work is up to you.

Four Qualities You Want in a Potential Employee

StrategyDriven Managing Your People Article | Talent Management | Hiring | Entrepreneurship | Four Qualities You Want in a Potential EmployeeIf you are involved in the hiring process for your company, you are very likely wise to the fact that searching for and hiring a new employee is no easy task. Along with the pressure of making sure you fill a vacancy in a timely manner, comes the task of sifting through hundreds, maybe thousands of applications to find the ideal candidates.

There are also times when the number of candidates you consider inhibits your ability to pinpoint exactly what qualities would best be suited towards the position that you are looking to fill.

Here are four specific qualities that you should look for when conducting your search for your ideal employee.

1. Excellent Communication Skills

The ability to communicate well, both in speech and the written word, sounds as though it should be a given quality in every candidate. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. It is important that you confirm that the individuals you employ can hold their own when it comes to communication.

The last thing you want to do is to set yourself up to have an employee who is unable to appropriately handle internal communications. If your company is like most others, the day-to-day success of your operation involves many moving parts. From office memos to updates on various projects, it is critical that all those involved have the ability to communicate clearly and concisely.

Additionally, if the position you are hoping to fill is one that involves any aspect of client contact, it would be less than ideal to have someone in that position who is unable to adequately communicate with your customers.

For a more specific idea of the communication skills that you should be keeping an eye out for, check out this comprehensive list that the experts at Habits for Wellbeing put together.

2. Advanced Degrees

Not only does the fact that your potential employee has an advanced degree demonstrate a certain level of commitment to the industry in which you both work, but it also shows that this individual has the ability to learn and improve. Furthermore, it also indicates that they have a desire to continue to do both of those things.

Depending on the type of business that you are in, there are particular degrees that seem particularly appealing to employers. Generally speaking, if someone has an MBA, for example, that means that the person you are considering has spent time developing critical skills that will come in handy in the business world.

Don’t be deterred by a candidate who has earned their degree in a less traditional manner, either. More and more students are earning their advanced degrees online, for instance. Prominent and accredited schools like Suffolk University Online MBA can be trusted to have properly educated those who go through their programs.

3. The Right Attitude

The right employee should also come with the right attitude. Remember, this person is going to become a part of your company. You might be in a situation where you will be working side by side with this individual, and in that case, you don’t want to hire someone whose attitude doesn’t fit the bill or your company.

On the other hand, you might be filling a position in another department from yours. In that instance, you want to avoid any potential for future friction amongst other employees.

There are also certain characteristics that tend to make for a good employee no matter what line of work you are in. Does this person seem like they have ambition? Are they positive-minded and pleasant to be around? All of these things are important to consider particularly when you are in the interviewing part of the hiring process.

4. Staying Potential

The last thing you want is to fast-forward to six months from now only to find yourself having to fill the exact same position once again. It is important to find someone who is in it for the long haul. This simply comes down to asking for an honest estimation of the candidate’s dedication to the job you are offering.

Does this person have any long-term plans that might inhibit their ability to stick around? Do they have all the skills that it takes to be a success in this position? If not, you might risk that person falling short of fulfilling all the duties that the job requires of them. In that case, they might be the ones ultimately deciding that it isn’t a good fit.

Unusual Hiring Practices

StrategyDriven Talent Management Article | Unusual Hiring PracticesInterviews are terrible vessels for people to get to know each other truthfully. Everyone is putting on a show. To make a terrible analogy, consider dating. People are at their best, hiding their flaws and playing up their strengths, flirting with lying and omission in order to control the perception of the other. Interviews share a lot of this.

The opposition between the interviewer and interviewee makes it so that both parties are trying to sell to each other. The interviewer sells the idea that working in that organization is a dream while the interviewee sells the idea that they are the perfect match for that position. It’s pretty ludicrous when you think about it. Rather than have an open and honest dialogue about the organization, the candidate and the fit or unfit, interviewers to flaunt about how great the organization is in, rejoicing in the schadenfreude experienced by the candidates who so desperately want to make it through and be accepted by the all-powerful interviewer. It boils down to power-tripping that adds very little value to a meticulous selection process.

That’s why I try to deconstruct this framework. Hiring is not about us evaluating candidates. It’s about trying to establish whether or not fundamentally there is a cultural and behavioral fit. We will also consider past experience and skills but as secondary to the decision making the process. The primary driver is the fit and both the candidate and the interviewer are discovering together whether the fit is there or not.

Even though it’s straight-forward, deconstructing the current paradigm is not easy given how ingrained it is in our thought-process. Deconstruction is a multi-pronged process and it involves the following elements:

1. Get out of the Evaluator chair. You are no different, no better than the person you are interviewing. Be normal, be human and make others feel comfortable. This gives people the chance to disarm and to forget about having to prove themselves. Having the chance to see people in their natural state is the greatest revelation you can attain from an interview. No one I know can work in interview mode all the time. It’s not sustainable. Work is stressful and the hours are long. That’s why we want an interview process that leads us to find people who feel naturally comfortable in our culture.

2. Focus on the behavioral aspects. We tend to be very impressed with big names and big titles on people’s resumes. But we are not hiring their education nor their work experience. We are hiring a person. And that’s what we want to get to know. How do they react when feeling examined? How do they feel when we are smiling? How do they feel about being confronted? How do they deal with pressure? And you don’t find out these behavioral trends from asking about them. You find out about these things by getting to know a candidate. Go beyond your own biases and use your senses.

3. I strongly advise candidates not to work with us. Why should we try to pretend that it’s great working here? It’s not. It’s work. Most people would not choose to work here if they had 50 billion dollars in the bank. That’s just a fact of life. We don’t want people choosing us for the wrong reasons. Paying bills, needing a job, wanting to advance a career. Those are all legitimate pursuits that most of us share. But we want to hire people based on the deeper motivational drivers. We want to find people who want to be a part of something bigger than their own selves, who do not mind getting into constructive conflicts and will stand by their opinion. We understand that people that we bring into the company are the very fabric of the company’s soul, which most of us refer to as culture.

So we deconstruct the traditional hiring paradigm by forgetting about skills and focusing on the person. We deconstruct the interview paradigm by not positioning ourselves as interviewers but as partners who are working together to find out whether or not this is indeed a good fit for all of us. We find out more about people when they get a chance to speak more honestly and when we truly hear what is being said. We forget about the labels and the brands that are pegged to resumes and we look at the intersection of values and goals. Those are the pillars for a solid and prosperous relationship. And that’s what hiring is in the end. A relationship.

About the Author

Gabriel Fairman, Founder and CEO of BureauWorks, has been working on transforming localization business processes into technology over the past 15 years. Over the past 5 years he has focused on developing algorithms that make sense of bigger data patterns in order to predict translator performance based on data obtained through peer reviews. The challenge on building AI towards that end is that translations can be great and still be significantly changed by reviewers. As changes are for the most pasty subjective, there is no direct correlation that can be established to easily determine the quality of translations based on simple data sets. The challenge requires digging deeper into more complex correlations that allow translation quality to be managed through algorithms that can reliably pair the right linguists to any given document. Gabriel’s focus is to think systemically as opposed to through a causality framework in order to solve these harder problems through AI.

How To Make Sure You Hire The Right Person For The Job

StrategyDriven Talent Management Article | How To Make Sure You Hire The Right Person For The JobHiring the wrong person can be a costly mistake and leave you feeling frustrated that you have no one to complete the work that needs to be done. Therefore, it’s extremely important that if you want your organization to succeed, that you hire the right person for the job each and every time.

There are steps you can take to help ensure you achieve this goal and aren’t wasting your time or anyone else’s. Remember that it’s never a bad idea to reach out to current employees when you’re on the hunt to fill positions to see if they have any suggestions before you go out looking elsewhere.

Work with A Specialist

There are companies such as Devonshire recruitment whose job and desire it is to help you fill positions at your workplace. They have a pool of candidates who are prepared to speak with you and will be a good fit right from the start. You can make sure you hire the right person for the job by being specific and transparent with your job description, and only bringing people in for interviews who align with your objectives and specific position requirements.

Invite Candidates to Take Psychometric Tests

There are dozens of psychometric tests such as The PI Behavioral Assessment Test, which help employers to filter out the best candidates for the benefit of their business.

These kinds of tests measure a candidate’s skill level in relation to problem-solving, ability to do the work, behavioral traits, and patterns and etc.

Contact References

It’s good practice to ask for several references from candidates on your final job application. Not only should you look to see who they are, but you should also take the extra step and time to contact them. You can learn a lot about an individual by how they’ve previously performed and what their strengths and weaknesses have been in the past. Ask the right questions and encourage the other person to be as candid and open as possible in their responses.

Hold Multiple Interviews

One interview isn’t going to give you enough time to figure out if the person you’re speaking with is right for the job. Therefore, it’s important to hold multiple interviews and in many different forms before hiring someone. For instance:

  • On the phone
  • Face-to-face
  • Interviews held by different leadership members
  • Interviews held by different department heads
  • Verbal and written tests

These are a few ways for how you can mix up the interview process and evaluate a candidate on their various skills and abilities to make sure they’re a good fit at your workplace. It’ll be helpful to get feedback from other people at your company as well to hear what they have to say about a potential candidate so you can compare notes.

Take Your Time

What’s going to help you out the most in your search to find the right candidate for the job is to go slow and take your time. Rushing through the interview process and failing to write a detailed job description is only going to hurt you and your company in the long run. Instead, take advantage of these suggestions for how you can make sure you’re hiring the right person for the job, and this way, they should also be more likely to stick around for the long-term.