The best techniques to close a deal!

StrategyDriven Marketing and Sales Article |Close a deal|The best techniques to close a deal!Closing a deal remains a crucial step in the sales cycle. It is therefore important not to miss a chance to close when the opportunity arises. Discover the best techniques to close a deal through this article.

Secure a deal through the sale price

The sales price is elastic. There are three ways to present it and turn a prospect into a customer. However, you can also turn to tools like Kaspr to help you convert your prospects into customers.

The addition of your features

Announcing the full list of your features is a very effective closing technique. It is a way for the prospect to have a full understanding of what they will pay for. It is the same principle as the shopping list. In addition, you can announce your price before or after.

Recurrent payment

Here, the price is divided into small units per day or month. Displaying a sliding scale price according to the package gives the possibility to highlight certain formulas and to nuance the investment. This closing technique is a classic in the SAAS sector. In order to reduce the perceived cost of the standard offer, the latter generally display a prohibitive premium price.

The Delta

You can advertise your selling price as “+X%” or “-X%”. You can also compare it to the market. This method will work if the solution you offer is easily comparable.

Introduce incentive bonuses

If your customer is hesitating for any reason, it does not necessarily mean that they are unwilling or unable to buy. It may be that the product or solution you are offering is not valuable enough to them for the price you are offering.

In order to close a deal quickly, it is therefore necessary to argue the perceived value of the product or to reduce the price.

The best way to increase the customer’s perceived value is to offer an incentive bonus. In general, the bonus should be valuable to the customer, even if it doesn’t cost you much. Remember that a high-value bonus is not necessarily a high-priced bonus. A high-value bonus is a valuable addition to the customer’s willingness to pay for the product. This is why it is important to have carried out good customer discovery beforehand in order to reach the target group.

In addition, in order to achieve an effective negotiation, you can reduce the price and at the same time ask for interesting counterparts for your company.

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Focus on scarcity of supply and urgency

Urgency and scarcity are effective ways of closing a deal. However, most salespeople use this technique inappropriately. The idea of this method is to communicate the feeling to your customer. To this end, here is what you can do:

  • Mention that you are limited on this offer or product.
  • Tell the customer that the offer or product is already of interest to several other competitors.
  • Adding that your internal capacity cannot cope with the current order volume and that this will undoubtedly lead to a delay.

There are many applications for this purpose. However, the most important thing is the reality of the points raised. You should always think about the elements that would really allow you to capitalise on urgency and scarcity. Credibility cannot be bought, it is built as you go along.

Draw up a balance sheet

When your prospect is hesitating, it is necessary to review the characteristics of your offer. This method is useful, especially for clarifying the sales pitch and closing a deal more easily. The aim is to clarify the situation in the customer’s mind with regard to the content of the offer and the benefits it can bring.

When you take up the whole offer, you logically explain the interest it presents to them. This makes it easier to reach an agreement.

Choose a tool that makes your job easier

A lead generation tool can also help you close a deal more easily. By multiplying contacts and focusing on the hardest-to-reach leads, you can use Kaspr.

Kaspr is a lead generation tool that allows you to get the contact details of your prospects via their LinkedIn profiles. This tool takes care of searching for this contact information in real time from the web. It is one of the best ways to get qualified information about your prospects in record time.


You can close a deal through the sale price and incentive bonuses. You can also use the scarcity of the offer. However, don’t forget to take stock and use an effective tool to help you in your approach.