3 Law Firm Marketing Strategies to Implement in Your Firm

StrategyDriven Marketing and Sales Article |law firm marketing strategies |3 Law Firm Marketing Strategies to Implement in Your FirmThere are over 442,000 law firms in the United States.

In a country of over 330 million people, you’d quickly assume law firms don’t have any problem finding new clients. You’d be wrong.

The legal industry is a competitive space, with big law firms dominating the market. The small firms, which are the majority, have to work hard to attract clients and generate the revenue they need to keep the lights on.

If you own a small firm, it’s time to stop working hard and start working smart. A savvy lawyer invests in effective law firm marketing strategies.

In this guide, we’re sharing a couple of ways you can market your firm and create a steady stream of clients.

1. Word of Mouth Is King

At a time when almost everyone is looking for businesses online, you’d be forgiven for shifting your entire focus to digital marketing. Don’t make this mistake, though. The business world is unforgiving.

Ensure word of mouth marketing is your #1 strategy.

You see, as consumers, we trust what our closest friends tell us. If your pal says product A is the real deal, you’re going to try it out without thinking twice. If another pal says law firm B offers the best legal services, why would you waste your time looking for another firm?

That’s organic word of mouth marketing at it’s best.

And the best thing about WOM is you don’t have to directly invest any money in it. Just offer top-notch legal services to every client you get and rest assured they’ll tell their friends about it.

2. Work on Your Law Firm Website

Even though word of mouth is a vital first step, digital marketing is still valuable.

Today, many people looking for legal services begin their search online. Even after a friend has given you a recommendation, you’re going to look up the firm online, as opposed to physically visiting their offices.

What impression are people getting when they visit your law firm website for the first time?

If the site is taking longer than 3 seconds to load, you’re losing a good chunk of potential clients. If it doesn’t load properly on mobile devices, you’re leaving money on the table. If the navigation isn’t intuitive, you’re losing customers.

Giving your website a refresh and optimizing it for user experience can increase the number of leads your firm gets and converts.

3. Invest in a Legal Lead Service

As a lawyer, there’s only so much you can achieve when you’re implementing marketing on your own. You probably don’t have proper marketing skills.

Outsourcing your marketing to a digital marketing agency is one way to solve this problem. Another way is to work with a legal lead service, such as this exclusive attorney service.

Unlike a digital marketing agency, a legal lead service focuses on lead generation. They have a pipeline of clients who’re ready to hire a lawyer. As such, when you buy leads from such a service, you’re assured of getting paying clients.

Implement These Law Firm Marketing Strategies

A law firm, just like any other business, needs customers or clients to stay afloat. And to get clients, you need to invest in marketing. With these law firm marketing strategies, you can now position your firm for success.
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