Helping Your Loved Ones Do Volunteer Work Abroad

StrategyDriven Talent Management Article | Helping Your Loved Ones Do Volunteer Work Abroad

During the twelve months from September 2020 to 2021, an estimated 60.7 million Americans provided approximately 4.1 billion hours of volunteer service with a total economic value of $122.9 billion – more than 23 percent of the population!

Volunteering abroad is a great way to make a difference in the world. Many have family members who are passionate about doing this kind of work. If you have a relative planning to volunteer abroad, it cannot be easy to know how best to help them. Here are some tips on supporting your loved ones while they’re away doing volunteer work.

StrategyDriven Talent Management Article | Helping Your Loved Ones Do Volunteer Work AbroadResearch Opportunities

The first step in helping your family member do volunteer work abroad is researching different opportunities. This will help ensure that your family member finds the perfect fit when it comes to their volunteer experience. Many organizations offer excellent programs for volunteers, so take the time to look into these options and talk with your family member about which one might be right for them. It’s crucial to ensure that the program is safe and beneficial for your family member.

Language and Culture

Another important piece of research is understanding the culture and language of where your family will be volunteering. Knowing more about the local customs, etiquette, and language can help ensure a successful volunteer experience abroad. Researching different activities for them to do while volunteering is also essential to ensure that they have a fulfilling experience and can fully enjoy their time abroad.

Financial Concerns

You should also check if your loved ones can open a bank account in the country they’ll be assigned to. The bank account is helpful if they need additional funds for their stay. For instance, you can transfer money to a Philippine bank account if the family member is volunteering there. This mode of transfer is safer and more secure. It also ensures the family member receives the money when it’s needed.

Legal Documents and Paperwork

Finally, it’s essential to research the necessary paperwork for your family member to travel and volunteer abroad. Knowing what documents must be prepared ahead of time will help streamline the process and ensure everything goes smoothly. Make sure to also research the cost of volunteering, as some programs have associated fees. Preparing ahead of time will help minimize any last-minute stress or confusion surrounding this trip.

Be Prepared

When volunteering abroad, it’s important to be prepared for whatever might come up during the trip. Ensure that your family member has all the necessary documents (like visas and medical insurance) and any other items they may need (such as clothing or supplies).

Allow Flexibility

Volunteer trips abroad may not always go as planned. It’s important to be flexible and open-minded to any changes or adjustments that may need to be made during the trip. Make sure your family member knows what to do or who to contact if any issues arise.

Be Supportive

Finally, families must be supportive when their loved ones volunteer abroad. Showing understanding and encouragement can help ease any worries or fears about the trip. Letting your family member know they can contact you if they need anything while away can also be beneficial.

StrategyDriven Talent Management Article | Helping Your Loved Ones Do Volunteer Work AbroadCommunication Matters

Once your family member is off on their volunteering adventure, staying in touch with them throughout their travels is essential. It’s always nice for them to hear from home and receive words of encouragement from loved ones. There are also plenty of ways to stay connected while they’re abroad. Try setting up video calls or sending emails regularly so that you can stay up-to-date on what they’re doing and how their trip is going. This will help keep you feeling connected even though you’re miles apart!

Time Difference

Additionally, make sure you’re mindful of time differences when sending messages, so they don’t get woken up in the middle of the night. It’s also important to remember that not everyone can access the same communication opportunities due to their location and international laws. So it’s best to talk about what will work for you as far as staying in touch goes.

Stay Updated

Finally, it’s important to remember that communication is key to staying connected with your family member while they are away. Keep them updated on how things are going back home, and let them know they’re in your thoughts. Staying connected will help you feel more secure and make the trip a positive experience for everyone involved.

Volunteering abroad is an amazing opportunity, but it requires careful planning and preparation beforehand – especially when it comes to helping those closest to you embark on this journey. By following the time enumerated in the article, you can ensure that everyone has a successful and rewarding experience!

Performance Review Strategies To Boost Employee Retention

StrategyDriven Talent Management Article | Performance Review Strategies To Boost Employee Retention

Performance reviews are essential for organizations because they help measure workforce productivity, identify gaps, and address them to get things on track. But they can be stressful for employees, specifically when they move in a negative direction. The problem is more widespread than you imagine. While appraisals should be inherently constructive, they can hurt motivation and lead to dissatisfaction. You may also encounter a high turnover challenge if your review process has drawbacks. The best option is to reconsider and rework your strategies to make people comfortable with assessments. Let us share a few performance review strategies to boost employee retention.

Embrace A Constructive Mindset

The right mindset is everything when it comes to assessing your employees. Ideally, your performance reviews should be constructive rather than negative. Think of ways to help people address their shortcomings instead of only giving them negative feedback and leaving the improvement to them. At the same time, appreciate the good work so that people have something to feel motivated enough to stick around.

Evaluate Comprehensively

Another surefire tip to ramp up your performance review strategies for better retention is to evaluate employees in a comprehensive way. Conducting 360-degree reviews is a good option because they entail feedback from everyone an employee works with. You can check employee performance management solutions by primalogik for a free 360-degree template. Getting comprehensive feedback means you have a better view of strengths and weaknesses instead of only the negatives in people.

Consider Learning Styles

People learn differently, so assessments should also consider learning styles to be more value-adding in the long run. The idea is to eliminate learning curves so that they can make self-improvement. Moreover, you must follow their learning styles to create individual coaching programs to address their weaknesses. When employees get a chance to improve without stress, they are likely to stay with the organization for the long haul.

Build Trust and Dialogue

Trust is the mainstay of employee loyalty and retention, so it should be a part of the performance review strategy. But building trust is perhaps one of the most challenging issues for organizations. However, you can achieve it by setting a positive dialogue as a part of the process. Ensure training managers for appraisal conversations, as it enables them to get employees on their side, even when sharing negative feedback..

Ensure Continuous Feedback

Conventional review systems focus on the yearly conversation between managers and employees. But you cannot expect them to improve instantly because problems worsen over time. You can limit the stress by implementing continuous feedback to set short-term project goals, discuss roadblocks, and provide professional development opportunities. People can improve faster and grow with ongoing learning. They feel less anxious about annual reviews, making the ride smoother for them.

Employee retention is one of the significant growth factors for an organization. While several factors affect it, performance reviews play a key role as they determine the growth and learning curve for employees. You can implement these review strategies to make people stay for the long haul and contribute to your company.

How to Find Skillful ML Engineers for Boosting Your Business

StrategyDriven Talent Management Article | How to Find Skillful ML Engineers for Boosting Your Business

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has already become an important part of technology. New technologies that are being introduced now will work better because of this. People have started to learn more about it. They research how it can help them with their businesses and their products.

Machine learning is one of the categories under AI. This is more focused on checking the data and the algorithm. This is to ensure that machines can learn information the same way that humans process the data that they get.

This is a bit complex which is why the ML engineer has started to become more in demand. People who specialize in machine learning are adept at teaching machines how to make predictions. Machines can be taught how to make classifications based on the data that will be given to them.

Insights About Machine Learning Can Boost Businesses

Assumptions and decisions can be made based on the information that data will provide. The data can only be properly analyzed with the help of ML engineers. The information will give them insights into the following:

  • What they need to offer to gain more customers.
  • What they need to work on so that they can retain their customers.
  • Come up with new features that will make their customers more loyal to their brands and products.

The data available from various sources have grown exponentially over the past years. It is expected to grow even more in the years to come. ML engineers can figure out what the most important aspects are depending on your business type.

Areas Where Machine Learning is Needed

Machine learning is being used more often than most people think. Whenever you search for something online using keywords, this uses machine learning. There are email filters that are available so that you will not get spammed with emails that you do not need.

Machine learning is going to be available in these areas:

  1. Image Recognition – Some images will be properly labeled and recognized by the machine whenever they see something that is similar. This can make it easier for machines to recognize faces especially if you are tagging someone on social media. 3D bounding box annotation can be very helpful to make image recognition more accurate.
  2. Speech Recognition – Have you ever wondered how the things that you say when you’re using your mobile phone can be translated using some apps? This is just one of the many things that remote machine learning developers are constantly working on.
  3. Help with Medical Diagnosis – The field of medicine will always need help to make a faster diagnosis. Machines can start to decipher the patterns depending on the symptoms that are encoded. It can also analyze different fluids and images faster.

There are still other areas where machine learning is being used. In the finance world, some machines are meant to check if transactions are genuine. Consultants that specialize in machine learning consulting can tell if some fraudulent transactions are attempting to go through machines.

Where to Find the Right ML Specialist?

You can go online and become overwhelmed with all the available details. You can narrow down your search by looking for something specific. Let us say that you want to find a nodejs developer who has proper knowledge about using 3D bounding box annotation and 2D bounding box annotation service. The more specific the skillset that you are looking for, the easier it will be to find the right people to hire.

  • Find some freelancers online – Websites are available where you can post the job description plus the skills that you are looking for. Freelancers can apply through the job posting. You can also find qualified freelancers on your own accord.
  • Contact a reputable company – Some companies already have ML developers who have worked on other projects for different companies. These developers and Node.js programmers are constantly trained. They can keep up with the latest trends. They also have the means to improve their skills.
  • Recommendations – You can let your employees recommend some people to work for you. They will get a commission if the person that they recommended gets hired. Your employees will feel that their efforts are being rewarded. This can increase their loyalty to the company.

Remember that you cannot just hire random ML developers to work for you. You need to find professionals with the right skillset depending on the product that you are developing. You can choose depending on what your business needs.


Hiring the best engineers will make a difference in how well you can create the right products and services. Hopefully, you have learned enough to be convinced why the skills of ML engineers can effectively boost your business.

5 Companies That Hire For Hybrid Jobs

StrategyDriven Talent Management Article | 5 Companies That Hire For Hybrid JobsQualified talented developers are keenly interested in remote jobs due to the prominent features that impress all of us a lot and we readily accept them for a bright future. Remote jobs Los Angeles is an example of such remote jobs that lead employees to a perfect path that directly goes to their destination. Not only potential developers but also companies are inspired by remote job benefits and have become fans of them plus are making development by following their latest new models such as nearshore software development, hybrid jobs, etc, and enjoy stress-free days while saving heavy amounts in the accounts. Owners have understood that employees face a load of work that tenses them so they hire nearshore developers to share their work burden to a great extent. Additionally, such hiring makes employee’s life easy and cozy.

What are hybrid jobs?

These are the jobs in which hired employees to go to the office for some specific days otherwise stay at home and perform duties while practicing flexible schedules. Employees feel satisfied and prove themselves productive in such jobs.

Pros of hybrid jobs

Here are a few pros of hybrid jobs which make them ideal.

  1. Talented developers are hired.
  2. Better consumption of time.
  3. Employees are satisfied.
  4. Large amounts are saved.
  5. New creative things become part of personality.
  6. Employees work for the welfare of the firms.
  7. Flexible schedules create motivation in employees.

Cons of hybrid jobs

There are some negative points with all work models as nothing is flawless so there are some drawbacks of hybrid work which can be controlled with clever stradegies.

  1. Proper collaboration is not possible.
  2. Schedules are not followed completely.
  3. It is not good for all types of industries.

5 companies that hire for hybrid jobs

Large companies in various fields hire for hybrid jobs and make the best use of experienced developers for their projects. some are discussed here.

1. Robert Half International

It is well-admired as the biggest recruiting firm in the UK that works like a bridge between developers and employers to fulfilling vacant seats in various sections. Whenever companies need developers for hybrid jobs they contact it to find reasonable candidates. All types of jobs full-time, permanent, and temporary are easily accessible here. Their team is ready to handle issues occurring during the hiring process.

2. United Health Group

United health group presents part-time and full-time hybrid remote jobs for talented employees. They aim to assist candidates in finding excellent remote jobs in other highly recommended locations. They work with reputed employers and partners plus supply them with guidance for hiring employees for hybrid jobs. Their hired candidates for hybrid jobs enjoy perfect salaries and other packages that make life comfortable.

3. Kelly

Kelly is an ideal place that enables you to get access to attractive hybrid jobs and employ candidates who are eligible for vacant positions and can be adjusted in the company while understanding all policies and work procedures. They provide suggestions and guidelines in case of difficulties in hiring ways. It is one of those companies that are popular for such hybrid jobs which suit our lifestyle and help to improve our standards of living.

4. Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo fisher scientific working in 60 locations around the world hires developers for hybrid jobs in multiple departments. They offer such jobs which are loaded with decent salaries, elegant benefits, and higher salary packages. They also recommend top-talented employees for large companies and enable them to make their careers in well-established firms. All potential developers desire to work in it and wish to have a chance for making money.

5. Verizon

Verizon was established in 2018 and is known as an award-winning company that hires developers who are reasonable for vacant hybrid jobs. They also suggest to employers proper ways that are useful for the hiring procedure. plus attach many attractive benefits with jobs to drag talented employees. countless hybrid jobs are obtainable here easily for interested candidates. Whenever they upload job posts they receive a great number of applications.

In a nutshell, many companies hire for hybrid jobs and pay attention to recruiting those who have a great match with them and can understand the nature of the work successfully.

5 Staffing Conferences To Elevate Your Business In 2022 and 2023

StrategyDriven Managing Your People Article | 5 Staffing Conferences To Elevate Your Business In 2022 and 2023To keep the best talent, you need to know the level of engagement in your organization. Unhappy employees have options and employee retention is difficult in today’s market. To keep employees connected from executive to intern, it will take a strong commitment to understand the pressures they face in everyday life and support them as they struggle to find work that provides more than just a paycheck.

Focus On Employee Growth

As your executives work to build the best team in a tight labor market, information from staffing conferences in 2022 can help them see the best choices for the future of your company. There are employee pressures coming that many executives, especially older leaders, may struggle to understand.

Many younger generations know that they constantly need to be building better skills to stay competitive in the job market. Your executive team needs to know how to structure this training. They also need to know what is on offer from other employers in your industry and region. Because everyone needs to find quality talent, the pressure on your executive team to keep the employees you’ve invested in will be intense.

Focus On Retention

Of course, your pay and benefits offering will need to stay current and competitive to bring in the best employees. Make sure that, once hired, your employees stay engaged. In addition to giving them manageable work requirements and achievable goals, look for ways to build engagement.

Employee engagement is often closely tied to the community in the workplace. Group gatherings, fun events, and team-building opportunities abound. However, you will also want to strive for methods of private engagement. For example, you can check with local charities for individual volunteer opportunities. You may find that an elementary school needs reading tutors or a high school needs mentors for students at risk. The ability of an employee to take paid leave for such volunteer time could do a great deal to boost their connection and loyalty to your organization.

Look For Training Across Generations

The bumper sticker thinking associated with conflict across generations may not be obvious in your office, but it does get a lot of cultural focus. Look for training opportunities that will boost connections between boomers, Gen-Xers, millennials, and Gen-Z.

Understanding the viewpoint of another employee can be easier with an understanding of the crucible in which they were formed as an employee. An older baby boomer who got to kindergarten and had to struggle to stand out in an overcrowded room has a very different view of workplace competition than someone from a later generation. The more employees know, the better they will connect.

Build In Flexibility

Workplace flexibility, including the option to work remotely, will be critical as we move forward into 2023. That being said, your managers and leaders will also need to be aware of how to support the employees left in the office.

Make sure that the training and opportunities for personal growth created by your staffing conference choices also include employees who remain in the office. The risk of friction and resentment between remote and in-office employees, as well as between in-office employees and the leaders who require them to be there, can be destructive. Do your best to offer similar opportunities and flexibility to all employees.

Invest In Well-Being

The phrase “work-life” balance will continue to fall by the wayside through 2023. Employees are looking for flexibility, but they’re also looking for a way to integrate their job into their life. To that end, look for staffing conferences that offer training on

  • time management
  • stress management
  • personal finance and budgeting skills

Of course, not every employee is able or interested in traveling to such a seminar. Consider contracting with a provider that can allow personal training on their desktop. It should not be out of the realm of possibility to provide an employee with at least an hour’s paid training per week on a topic that will improve their work life and their life at home.

With a very tight labor market, employees will have to offer more than their salary. A happy, well-rounded employee who has access to training that will allow them to improve their skills and balance their life effectively has a better chance of staying. The more people you retain, the more skills you have at your disposal.