When To Check a Potential Employee’s Credit

StrategyDriven Talent Management Article | Employee Background Check | Employee Credit Check | When To Check a Potential Employee's CreditAs a hiring manager, you want to ensure you interview and employ the best workers possible. Naturally, you spend plenty of time reading resumes, contacting candidates, and performing thorough interviews. However, what you might not realize is that you sometimes need to perform a credit check on potential employees. Check out this quick guide to help you decide when to do so.

Job Positions That Benefit From Credit Checks

Employee credit checks are most common when a company is hiring someone who will directly deal with either the company’s finances or the clients’ finances. This may include people who work in upper management, call center representatives for banks and credit card companies, accountants, and more. Some employers even perform credit checks on the store clerks who run the cash registers.

What To Look For

When it comes to what to look for when performing a credit check on potential employees, it is really up to you. Most hiring managers first look for current or past bankruptcies as well as consider how many delinquent accounts the potential employee has. More scrupulous employees may also consider how much the person owes on mortgages or in student loans. Keep in mind that a credit report won’t always tell the whole story, though. If the candidate looks good otherwise, feel free to interview them to find out more information.

Make Sure It’s Legal

Before you spend money on a credit check services for employers, make sure you can legally look into your employees’ credit histories. Some cities and states don’t allow you to do so at all. In the ones that do, you must follow a protocol. This includes getting written approval to do the credit check from the potential employee, not looking further back than 10 years into the history, and providing the employee with a copy of the report you receive if he or she requests it.

While it is important to research a potential employee’s credit history if he or she will deal with any of your company’s financial information, keep in mind that poor credit doesn’t necessarily need to be a deal breaker. Remember to go with your gut feeling and to look at other important factors when choosing your new employees.

Tips for finding the perfect hire?

StrategyDriven Talent Management Article | Anthony Fletcher | Tips for finding the perfect hire?

Finding someone perfect is one of the most difficult things one has today. Not only in terms of business but also generally in life. Whether it is your friends, your life partners or anyone, this is a pretty tough decision to make as it involves judging someone. It surely is hard but if done right it is not impossible and can be very easy.

To hire the perfect individual, you must look for their qualities and traits that can be of your benefit. Judging a fish for the ability to climb a tree is not the way to go. What you really have to do is focus on what they are applying for. For instance, if you are hiring a person looking to be a sales manager, focus on their communication skills and their thinking skills. What you do not have to focus on is how well the person knows the bookish definition. Those are important to some extent but are not the entire criteria. Same goes for innovations and technology. You need to find someone who is creative and thinks outside the box. Remember that there are millions of people who read the same books to become something, only those are truly successful who implement their knowledge in unique ways. What you have to look for is the quality of work in a person.

The perfect hire would be someone who clicks with you. Someone who picks up the pace as fast as you can. If someone is too slow then you will have an extra burden on your shoulder where you will have to spoon feed that person through everything. A hire is someone who should do the opposite of that. It is someone who is there to clean up the mess with you and be someone who makes your force strong. For that, you need to find a good match for your team. A person who is too fast and too initiative can also cause problems. This is because such people do not have the flexibility to mold and that is something very important when working with a team. Therefore, team management and team spirit is something which each perfect hire must have.

A person who is not willing to take risks is not ready for a job. This does not mean that you need to look for reckless behavior, this means that a perfect hire should have a very strong personality. If there is something that they are sure of would work in the benefit of the company and would cause no harm to it, they should take that chance instead of waiting for someone higher in the hierarchy to do it. This happens when your potential employee is sharp enough to do so. This brings us to another important quality which is being street smart. A perfect hire should be good with statistics, he should also be well educated with all concepts clear but what he absolutely needs to have is the ability to use all that in the best way. Knowing everything is easy but acting on it is not. Thus, you must look for these things in a hire.

A good screening system is what saves you from a lot of trouble. If this is not good then you can lose all the good potential hires and end up with the ones who aren’t suitable for that position. This is why you must make sure that everyone who is involved in the procedure of screening the best candidates has a clear idea as to what you are looking for so that they keep an eye out for the best of the lot. All of this sounds pretty corporate but this is because we are using corporate terms for all this. Every decision in life is made like that if we think about it. We narrow down the decision and then choose what is best. Due to this reason, it is very important to check for everything like this in the business world. The potential candidates should be the ones who truly deserve and those who actually fit and those who are willing to work as the company works.

Commitment is also a very important thing you should look for. If the hire lacks commitment that means that they will give you a tough time ahead. They will slack at work and will also not take their work seriously. Look for commitment and the rest will fall in place as well.

About the Author

StrategyDriven Expert Contributor | Anthony FletcherAnthony Fletcher, Sr is a former athlete and current business expert. He is the owner and president of My Future Consulting, Inc and Integrity Sports Agency and has over two decades of experience in executive management, innovative solutions, staff building, and recruitment. His consulting firm, founded on the philosophy that people are the most important part of a company, has revolutionized the future of staffing.

How Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your Employees?

StrategyDriven Talent Management Article |Productivity|How Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your Employees?There are a whole lot of things that go into making a business truly success but if there’s one thing that’s perhaps more important than anything else: it’s your employees. The truth is that your employees are the very heart and soul of your business and if you’re not putting the effort into making sure that you’re taking care of them then you’re never going to be able to get the most out of them. Working with employees should always be a matter of give and take but that’s something that far too many business owners tend to forget about. They tend to assume that their employees exist to serve their needs and the needs of the business but forget that it’s also incredibly important that it’s also your job as an employer to serve your employees. That might sound something of a challenge and a lot of work but the truth is that it’s actually a whole lot more simple than you might expect. With that in mind, here are some things that you can do in order to make sure that you’re always getting the very best out of your employees.


For the longest time, we’ve all been working under the impression that a rigid working structure is the only way to ensure that a business is as productive and efficient as possible. And yes, it’s absolutely true that there are plenty of ways in which structure, discipline, and scheduling can make your business run a whole lot more smoothly. However, if you focus on those things exclusively then you’re going to create a stifling environment that leads to serious problems. You need to remember that work isn’t the only thing in your employee’s lives and forcing them to make compromises in every other aspect of their life for the sake of work is just going to leave them feeling frustrated and resentful of you and your business. Be willing to be flexible with things like working hours if employees have to fit their career around their families. The same goes for things like remote working. If an employee can work from home and that works best for them, that can often be the most efficient solution rather than dragging them into the office.


One of the most important things that you need to remember is that your employees are not machines, they’re human beings and human beings have limits. Trying to push your employees to achieve their best work can be a good thing but if you push them too hard it’s going to leave them burnt out and exhausted. You need to make sure that you’re actually putting in the time and effort to look after and support your employees so that you’re not putting them at risk at any time. Sure, a dispassionate view might make you think that this is time and money you could be spending on something else but it’s important to remember that taking the time to look after your employees is far better than having to take time to look or new employees when they all burn out from being overworked.

StrategyDriven Talent Management Article |Productivity|How Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your Employees?Training

One of the biggest mistakes that a lot of business owners make is that they find someone that they think would be a great fit for their business and then completely waste their potential by just leaving them to it and not providing them with the avenues for improvement and development. There really is no better way to foster a total sense of apathy among your workforce than not to provide them with the chase to actually improve and develop new skills. Offering training to your employees is essential if you want to make sure that they are the most qualified and well-equipped workforce in any situation. It doesn’t even need to be training that applies directly to your industry. Even things like free CPR classes can be incredibly valuable. Not just because they teach lifesaving skills but also because it shows your employees that you are willing to make an investment in their continued personal development.

Creating the best possible environment

Of course, it’s not just a matter of putting time and effort into your employees, you also need to think about the environment that they’re going to be working in as well. If your employees are in an office that’s miserable to work in then that’s going to have a pretty marked impact on their satisfaction levels as well as their ability to work. You need to make sure that your office has everything from adequate amounts of space to enough like that everyone can work comfortably. Whether you go for something like an open-plan office or something more traditional will depend on personal preference but make sure that you’re creating an environment where your employees can feel comfortable and can collaborate with each other as easily as possible. You should also make sure that your office is set out in such a way that your employees feel connected to you as their employers. Setting yourself entirely apart from them is just going to cause divisions within your business.

You may find yourself looking at this list and thinking that it’s a lot of work just to get the most out of your employees and wondering if it’s really worth it? However, that’s the wrong attitude to take. Yes, being able to get the most out of your employees can be a challenge and will almost certainly take a pretty significant amount of time and effort. However, if you don’t put that effort in then things could be far worse in the long run. If you just try to treat your employees like a resource to be used rather than real human beings that you collaborate with, they’re going to start to resent you and your business and before you know it they’re going to start walking away. Your employees aren’t machines, if you’re only thinking about what they can do for you, you’re never going to be able to get the most out of them.

Quality Quantified: Learning To Measure Your Employees

StrategyDriven Talent Management Article | Employee Metrics | Quality Quantified: Learning To Measure Your EmployeesNo two people will perform in exactly the same way when it comes to the work which they do. Some will be able to work for days on end, getting average results while they throw themselves into their work. Others, though, will find it easy to get excellent results, but won’t have the stamina to work for more than a few hours. As an employer, it is extremely important that you are aware of these strengths and weaknesses if you want to be able to leverage them correctly. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring some of the best ways to measure your employees, assessing how well they are working for your business.


While you will get a good insight into your business when you’re able to spend time with it, the people working for you will often have the best idea of how their team mates are getting on. When someone isn’t pulling their weight, for example, most offices will be well aware of it, and people won’t be very happy. Peer-reviews are a great way to overcome this. Once every six months or so, you should have your employees anonymously rate one another on different aspects of their work. In the end, you should be left with a range of interesting statistics.

Of course, when you’re relying on other people to give you information, you have to be wary of pettiness within your ranks. Some team members may simply dislike one another, resulting in negative feedback which doesn’t truly reflect their work. To overcome this, you should be looking for examples of bad feedback which seem to be unanimous, ensuring that you’re not going to pick on someone because other people have decided to be mean to them. This is only the start of your measuring, though.

Personal Development Plans

It can be very easy for people to slip into a pattern with their work when they aren’t pushed to do more with it. This leaves a lot of employees to let their skills become stagnant, and they will never be able to make their role more complicated. Personal development plans have been used by businesses for decades to track their employee’s performance throughout the year. Staying on top of something like this is absolutely crucial, and forgetting to give people their assessments will limit the success you are able to find from it.

This works by talking to your employee and outlining the areas in their work which need to be improved. You can agree on a target for them to reach, along with talking about the way that they will reach it. This works extremely well, as it gives your team the chance to understand how well they are doing, rather than simply working at a job which doesn’t give them any feedback. If you hold meetings with each team member every couple of months, you will quickly see their work start to get better, especially when your employees are young.

Customer Feedback

There are few people in the world who have an insight into your employee’s effectiveness than the customers they work with. Getting feedback from people like this isn’t always easy, but it will open the doors to some truly honest information, and this can be hard to get when you’re only working internally. You should only ever ask for feedback when a customer has had something done for them, like making a purchase or getting some product support, as this will ensure that they have their experience fresh on their mind.

Of course, though, you need to make this as easy as possible, or you could find yourself struggling to get people to fill in your forms. There are loads of companies out there with the tools to help you to collect feedback from your customers. By using a service like this, you will put your surveys into the hands of experienced professionals, ensuring that your customers always have the best experience. As time goes on, you will learn what you need to do to be able to handle jobs like this for yourself.

Digital Metrics

Nothing tells a better story about the success of your team than numbers. When people are working for you, it’s crucial that they have targets in place, and that you have a way to make sure that they are reaching their targets. In the case of a call center, each person on the phones will need to talk to a minimum amount of customers each day. Collecting this information is easy, and you can have your employees do it themselves by simply adding to a spreadsheet whenever they complete a piece of work.

Their Past Experience

When people are trying to get a job from you, they will always give you an idea of what they’ve done in the past. It’s fair to build your expectations for their work out of this, with those who have had very complicated jobs being able to overcome issues which other people won’t be able to face. It’s fair to judge people based on their past experiences, but you have to be careful not to take this too far. Employers will often make the mistake of pushing their best and brightest as hard as they can, leaving those who need motivation the most to struggle, and causing an imbalance of work in the office.

It can be hard to make sure that you’re getting what you pay for when you hire people. A lot of companies spend huge amounts of this area, giving each of their team members enough money to live on, while also paying for loads of other little features which come with them. As time goes on, this will get easier and easier, and you will get better at pushing people in the right direction. Of course, though, this work is very important, and this means that you will need to avoid letting it become too routine, as this will make it easy for employees to get around it.

How to Keep Your Business Sustainable

StrategyDriven Entrepreneurship Article | Sustainable Business | How to Keep Your Business Sustainable No matter which industry you are running your business in, you will need to ensure that you are offering more value or lower costs than your competitors to protect your market share. At the same time, you have to protect your reputation and ensure that you are making long term plans, instead of simply focusing on surviving from one month to the next. There are certain areas you will have to pay attention to to guarantee sustainable growth in your business.

Keep Up with the Regulations

One of the main risks for your business is related to regulatory and legal changes. If you don’t stay on top of the latest law and have a legal expert to monitor the changes, you might face fines, or even have to close your business down. In case you run a business with a high environmental impact, you might consider installing a ground water monitoring system to ensure you are not putting communities at risk or breaking the law.

Increase Your Research and Development Budget

It might also be a good idea to do your research and invest in the latest technology, or you will be left behind by your competitors. Investing in improving your efficiency and productivity will help you create more value to your customers and maintain your reputation. From software to the latest tools, there are various areas you can spend your research and development budget on.

StrategyDriven Entrepreneurship Article | Sustainable Business | How to Keep Your Business Sustainable Delegate

If you are trying to control or even micromanage every process in your organization, you are going to get overwhelmed very soon. That is why you might want to create a plan to delegate some of the tasks, so you can focus on strategy development and other aspects of your business that will make a long term difference.

Nurture Your Talent

One of your most valuable talents apart from your reputation is the talent pool and your employees. If you look after them, you will be able to offer better quality services and products to your market, and reduce your recruitment and human resource costs. If you would like to run your business in the most effective way, you will have to nurture your talent and focus on organizational learning and knowledge sharing.

Keep an Eye on the Trends

It is absolutely crucial that you look into the future and spot the customer and market trends as soon as possible. Industries, technologies, and market trends change faster than ever before, and this means that you have to be a leader instead of a follower to win the game. Invest in business intelligence and market research, ask your current clients for feedback, and run trials before launching a new product.

There is a lot of talk about business sustainability these days. You might automatically think about green investments, but it actually means much more. Focus on your long term goals and the market trends, invest in new technologies and talent development, and you can remain competitive for decades to come.