Strategic Analysis Best Practice 6 – Multidiscipline Teams

Today’s businesses operate in complex, multidimensional environments and often execute highly dynamic and interrelated processes. Evaluating these circumstances collectively requires a breadth and depth of knowledge not likely to be possessed by a single individual. In order to apply the range of knowledge and experience necessary to perform a complete strategic analysis subsequently requires the use of a multidiscipline team.

Multidiscipline teams help ensure the full range of needed knowledge and experience resources are brought to bear when evaluating, in aggregate, the interrelationships and interactions of the complex business environment with the execution of the organization’s programs, processes, and procedures. Having enough knowledge and experience resources occurs when the strategic analysis team includes individuals that together possess the background necessary to recognize significant beneficial and adverse performance drivers given the business’s operating situation. Unlike a focused self assessment, the broad range of business environments and operations covered by a strategic analysis typically necessitates that all functional disciplines be represented.

Additional Information

Additional information regarding the performance of strategic analysis can be found in the strategic planning whitepaper, Analysis.

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