The Ethical Executive

Hardly a month goes by – or so it seems – without yet another headline about apparent unethical behavior in the executive suite: from criminal misrepresentation, to tax evasion, manipulation of accounts, and a whole smorgasbord of fraud. Not surprisingly, as investors, employees, legislators, or simply bemused observers of human behavior, we all want the answer to one question, “Are today’s corporate leaders unusually corrupt?” The disconcerting answer is that these leaders are no different than you or us. Even if we have good ethical values to begin with, given certain situational or internal pressures, every one of us can become unethical.

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About the Author

Robert Hoyk is a Clinical Psychologist and has conducted research in several institutions. He has taught communication skills to executives, physicians, and couples. Robert lives in Laguna Beach, California with his wife, author, Julie Brickman.

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