Six Steps to Achieving Work-Life Balance

Work life balance is the key issue of these times. Because we can work and be connected around the clock should we? My son is a swimmer and swimmers, as well as other successful athletes, work under certain success criteria. Here they are: 1) they set goals and reward themselves when they reach them; 2) they can turn on and off their focus; 3) they build up their work efforts to a peak, knowing that a rest or taper period is coming; 4) they know that by training with fast sprints they are ready to work harder at a much more efficient pace; 5) they know that a positive attitude makes all the difference; and 6) they plan their time well and plan themselves first. Let’s break these down as they relate to taking a vacation.

1) Setting Goals and Rewarding Yourself. I know that when I reward myself for hitting my numbers, I am more motivated to reach my objectives and I can usually build into my goal a financial target that pays for the reward (trip). I have a sense of accomplishment and that energy is felt by everyone around me. Reward yourself with a trip by setting the right goals and feel the power.

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  1. Paula D
    Paula D says:

    Priorities and time management – those are really challenging. Especially when I’m working with several clients on different time lines. Then I have non-work interests such as volunteering or plans with friends. I know I need to incorporate them all for balance, but often work consumes my days. But taking breaks really does make my work time more productive. My friend Suzy has a workshop I am attending October 9, 2010 that will address a lot of this. Check out the video I have provided if you like.


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