StrategyDriven Managing Your Business Article |Scaling your business|What You Should Consider When Scaling Your Business

What You Should Consider When Scaling Your Business

StrategyDriven Managing Your Business Article |Scaling your business|What You Should Consider When Scaling Your BusinessThere will be a time when scaling your business feels right, but to turn this idea or ambition into reality, you must start focusing on an action strategy. Organic scaling and growth can of course happen—but it can take time. If you want results you need to start creating (and working towards) an action strategy, because this way you can take control of scaling up your ambitions. Here are some important points to consider during the scaling-up process.

Are Your Heart and Mindset Focused on Success?

If your heart and mindset are not where they need to be, you may find that you simply go through the processes when you are scaling up. When this happens, your actions may not have any effect on the business, meaning that the procedure of scaling up the business may not be as successful as once anticipated. Getting your mindset focused on the task at hand, and being sure and certain about what you want to achieve is important. You cannot successfully scale up your operations if you are not sure which direction you are going in or why.

Can You Scale Up Existing Operations or Do You Need a Complete Change?

Scaling up in business from where you are at the moment might be easier said than done. Establishing what point you are building from is important: can you scale up your existing operations and set-up; or will you need to look at making complete changes? For example, when you scale up will you grow too big for your existing premises and will you need to move to new ones? Being realistic about your starting point is just as important as anything else that you do.

How Much is Scaling Up Going to Cost?

All scaling up has an associated cost. For example, if you are moving premises, you will have to leave behind the residential internet you currently have, and instead focus on purchasing commercial internet. You will also have to look at hiring new people (to ensure that you have a strong team to move forwards with). When you are factoring in costs for scaling up, you need to look at your daily operations for at least the next 12 months. If you do not establish your costs then you will struggle to financially plan ahead, and this may mean that you go through financial difficulty when you don’t need to.

Do You Have the Right Team Around You?

When you have the right team around you, then you can be sure that success is on the cards. The right team will help you grow your business, and this will take personal ownership of what happens. If you do not have a supportive team around you, then you will face issues surrounding productivity and efficiency, and this is not an issue that you want to tackle when you are trying to focus your efforts on scaling up.

What Does Your Action Strategy Look Like?

An action strategy for scaling up is a must—no matter what stage you currently find yourself at. When you have an action strategy to work alongside, you can focus your efforts, and also target your spending. Without a strategy, you could end up spending funds on areas that are not necessary; or you could end up pursuing avenues which are non-starters.

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