Leverage Your Business Exponentially

In the early years of my entrepreneurial life two words were shared with me that made a very big difference for my audience reach and business planning strategy. These two words are ‘repurpose‘ and ‘leverage.’

As I began to read marketing materials, it was clear I needed to create a multitude of product and service which seemed close to impossible. Upon speaking to a business coach, I was advised to repurpose materials. It was further explained that whichever vehicle comes first the underlying themes can be a basis for further content. There is no sense re-inventing the wheel. Additional cautionary advice received suggested I take the initial offering to more in-depth levels.

A few years later, another business advisor suggested I develop a sales tip sheet as a gift when someone purchases a product or service from me. His last sentence sent the wheels in motion: “Develop 10 tips and for each one develop another 10 tips – you will easily derive a total of 100 tips for your clientele.

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Elinor Stutz, CEO of Smooth Sale, LLC believes building relationships before the sale and continuing long after is the only way to sell and build a dynamic business. Elinor’s book, Nice Girls DO Get The Sale, is an International Best Seller. Her new book, Hired!: How to Use Sales Techniques to Sell Yourself On Interviews (Career Press), is based upon her own experience and years of community service. To read Elinor’s complete biography, click here.

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