The Transformational Leader: Compass to a New World, part 1

Five centuries ago, conditions in Europe were perilous for many. Some muddled through bleak circumstances and took what came. Others had the imagination to see that a brighter future might await them in the New World. Leaders emerged whose navigational equipment, skills, and personal qualities gave others the courage to follow them across a sea of unknowns in search of a more promising place.

Just as the courageous, skillful sea captain of long ago took up a compass, charted a course, and led others across the unknown, so must today’s captains of business and industry.

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About the Author

Mahesh Rao, a dynamic, creative, and highly-skilled executive consultant with more than 20 years of business experience, holds 14 US and international patents. Some have been industry-shaping. In 2005 he won the Japanese government’s Most Valuable Patent award. Mahesh has received numerous corporate, client, and industry accolades for coaching senior executives at Fortune 100 companies to become successful transformation leaders and organizational innovators. He has also founded startups that were taken through acquisition. His work with large global companies, including Mitsubishi – and his wide exposure to numerous industries, schools of thought, practices, organizational needs, and corporate responsibilities – account for his consummate ability to advance a vision through strategizing, planning, and execution on a global scale while managing risks. Mahesh Rao’s extensive travel and keen cultural awareness, along with his MBA from the Kellogg School of Management, contribute to his ability to see processes clearly, from the big picture to the details. To read Mahesh Rao’s complete biography, click here.

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