Practices for Professionals – Make Your Electronic Calendar Visible

Individuals should be ready and willing, at all times, to have their work observed by their manager.

StrategyDriven Contributors

StrategyDriven Contributors believe individuals should be open to having their manager observe their work at all times. Consequently, there should be no need to hide one’s calendar entries as these are simply electronic representations of the work one is performing. By not hiding one’s calendar appointments, others within the organization can more clearly understand what work the individual has prioritized so they can better coordinate their activities with the individual. This also helps individuals scheduling meetings make determinations about the priority of their event relative to others in accordance with management’s communicated preferences and documented company standards. Additionally, managers who make their calendars available to subordinates afford their direct reports the opportunity to ensure important information is communicated to them ahead of its need.

There are, of course, exceptions to every rule and while making one’s calendar visible to the organization, there are certain events that should remain private. Most electronic calendars have a feature enabling users to mark appointments as personal, private, or confidential thereby hiding it from all would be observers other than the user and his or her designees. This feature should be used for personal events such as family gatherings, doctors appointments, company meetings of a personal or private nature, etcetera.

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