StrategyDriven Personal Business Advisor Program Makes Top Tier Consulting Accessible to Small and Midsized Companies

StrategyDriven Personal Business Advisor Program provides easy, affordable, and timely access to seasoned business executives, leading edge analytical tools, and time tested methods. No longer does the competitive advantage lie with those having the deepest pockets.
StrategyDriven’s Personal Business Advisor Program makes top tier consulting services available to business leaders at all companies regardless of budget. By empowering clients to tailor each engagement to meet their specific project needs – no more, no less – and employing modern communications technologies, StrategyDriven eliminates the barriers preventing small and midsized company leaders from accessing high-end consulting services.

Few small and midsized business leaders realize the benefits of engaging top-tier consultants to assist with complex data analyses or provide specialty knowledge to their projects. Many avoid using these resources because of the time and expense involved. Others spend hours reading how-to books or taking continuing education courses to develop solutions.

“It’s understandable why the business leaders who would benefit most from top tier advisory services can’t or don’t access them,” explains Nathan Ives, StrategyDriven’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “The current consulting model is expensive and time consuming; often involving fixed duration contracts that include unwanted resources. StrategyDriven’s Personal Business Advisor Program reduces the expense, time, and hassle of engaging knowledgeable experts to support development and execution of important business initiatives.”

The StrategyDriven Personal Business Advisor Program simplifies the engagement process to deliver top tier consulting services without the expense or time of traditional firms. Prior to each engagement, a client:

  1. Selects an Advisor possessing the experience, education, and training needed and who is someone the client can relate to and trust.
  2. Identifies the Support Needed, No More, No Less… providing periodic, focused advice from true experts to meet your specific needs.
  3. Selects the Tools Wanted from an expansive library of proven analytical tools, all fully developed and ready to use, accessible online 24 / 7 / 365.
  4. Determines How the Advisor Is to Engage using modern communications technologies whenever possible thereby eliminating expensive travel and the need for office space.
  5. Chooses the Engagement Duration without being locked into a long-term consulting contract. Easily cancel at any time.

In addition to one-on-one consultations, Personal Business Advisor clients gain access to StrategyDriven’s online business strategy and tactical execution advice library.

StrategyDriven Personal Business Advisor clients include executives and senior managers of small and midsized companies as well as managers of some of the world’s largest businesses. Complete information regarding the StrategyDriven Personal Business Advisor Program is available at:

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