How To Increase Corporate Success With Holistic Wellness

When workplace wellness programs incorporate holistic approaches, success levels go up, workplace happiness goes up, and the cost incurred by management stays resolutely the same. So what’s the secret?[wcm_restrict]

The secret is to incorporate holistic healing into your wellness program, which works by offering more than health insurance and diet plans, but also mental and emotional wellness. From encouraging workers to compliment one another to reminding them that recharging is as important as being on time for the weekly board meeting, companies that utilize the interdisciplinary measures of holistic benefit with not only a more productive workforce, but a happier one as well.

Increased productivity performance

Based on a 700-person survey in Great Britain at the University of Warwick, the happiness factor in the workplace isn’t just hype – it’s science.

By combining holistic approaches for more happiness in the workplace, increased productivity and performance readily ensues. The study shows that “controlled shocks” such as snacks, drinks, and laughter can increase productivity up to 20 percent. While “real world shocks,” such as relationship problems, or family matters, can have a huge influence as well, an open work environment where workers feel safe, secure, and able to relate with one another can have a healing, and lasting, impact on productivity levels.

Happier workplace

When management is concerned with the welfare of their workers, studies also show the work environment becomes more successful, and it’s as simple as this: create an environment that shows its appreciation. Always be sure to give thanks and praise where needed, be willing to celebrate company-wide or individual successes, and encourage your workers to contribute to the greater good through volunteer work.

When offices pitch in together for a potluck lunch or ice cream social, contribute to their larger community, and lend a helping hand for team members within the organization, huge progress in positivity can be made that re-energizes the team and allows them to grow creatively together. Encourage others daily to be mindful of one another and their community’s needs and the relationships that are formed will add to the positive attitude of your workplace.

Better relationships between co-workers

Co-workers who interact positively with one another are more likely to be successful in their teamwork endeavors as well as their individual tasks because great teams rely on great communication.

For healthier workplace relationships, create a system where enthusiasm is rewarded, random acts of kindness are an everyday occurrence, and interactive activities are incorporated regularly. Not only does this instill confidence in your team members, but also it can increase the opportunities for your employees to have fun, which can increase energy levels all around. Create opportunities for cross departmental projects, plenty of interoffice conversation, and ways for your coworkers to see one another as a team rather than a person they’re trying to get ahead of on the corporate ladder.

Positive attitudes

Mental stability is a big factor in workplace cohesiveness, and stress management, work-life balance, and even spiritual health are part of the holistic process to bring a workforce to its most productive level.

Recommend that workers take ample time to recharge, either through vacation days or by taking breaks throughout the day, as well as encouraging them to acknowledge a job well done by fellow staffers. Keep the conversation going about how to stay positive as well, by posing these questions to your employees:

  • How can you increase the positivity of the workplace?
  • What special talents to you have for encouraging energy in others?
  • In what ways can you add to the energy and productivity of the team?
  • Can you minimize the sarcasm from yourself or others?
  • Can you look for the good in people and positively influence them?
  • Can you deliver honest remarks without being mean?

Questions, and their accompanying answers, can get your team thinking about how they interact on a daily basis, and can help remind them that small changes to their outlook can have big impacts on their work productivity and their team. By factoring in happiness as well as physical wellness, companies can go the extra mile to provide their workplaces with the tools to be as successful as they can be.[/wcm_restrict][wcm_nonmember]

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